It all began with whisperings of an alchemical container formed by the 13 Clan Mothers that will be the sacred vessel into which the Ancient Ones will speak …

I would like to share with you a little about what I know as we approach this womb-anifestation so that those women feeling deeply called to the Amazonian Arts can still throw their pentacle into the circle of women, so to speak; by booking an astrology reading to see if the slipper fits. Will you step into one of the 6 remaining archetypes whose Clan Mother remains beneath the veil and thus potentially step forward into this power-filled position? 

We, the midwives of the Amazonian Arts, are still receiving information as to this vision that came through for two of us simultaneously. What is known is that a powerful transition into a new level of this work will come through when all 13 Clan Mothers come together in circle for the first time at the Dragon Point on our land in NSW. 

The Invitation process will be two-fold. There must be a ‘stepping forward’ by the woman feeling called to this position to catalyse this process, which will then be received by the midwives who will feel that calling in the depths of their beings to see if there is a return of the echo. If there is a clear ‘yes’ then an Invitation will wing its way to her so that she may formally accept the position as one of the 13 Lineage holders. 

What is involved?


What would the responsibilities of a Clan Mother be? Although there will be some time commitments detailed in the Invitations, in truth they are not major. The real commitment is in the bones of one’s knowing that this path sings to their soul, for this is not something to be entered into lightly. 

The Clan Mothers will be the anchor point for the 13 Grandmothers, embodying a living archetypal energy that will be a powerful force: an amplification of their Warrioress to put it mildly. For the brightest light reveals the darkest shadows and the Clan Mothers will be required to go into their deepest and darkest corners and do their inner work… Yet the gifts of that bright light may just well herald a transition into powers beyond comprehension. Consider it dear one. For it will be both a great privilege and a great responsibility.
A powerful magick will indeed be at play the day those 13 Clan Mothers sit together on the land for the first time in many moons …

The time is drawing near to articulate those Invitations so that they may wing their way out upon the back of Black Unicorn this coming moon … 

Are you feeling called to step forward to embrace the call of your Lineage as Clan Mother?

Is one of these Invitations intended for you?


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