The first foundation stone

Building resilience is a keystone task that your Amazonian Warrioress is fiercely here to serve you in. One of the most power-filled things we can do in our life is to bring into focus for ourselves what we are here to learn and contribute. It is to this that the Amazonian Arts speaks. That you have knocked on this door at this time is no mistake. Your work in the world is connected to the paradigm shift: the birthing of a new wholesome story that serves you and the collective. How and in what capacity is your task to uncover—if you haven’t already. For the importance of finding your mission and knowing that you are on your right path is the first of two foundation stones to building resilience. 


The second foundation stone

Consider the power behind these words: I chose this. Perhaps you think you didn’t. And if that is that case I invite you to try those three words on again and really allow yourself to surrender into their embrace. What if you did choose this? What if everything that has happened to you so far has its place in a story much bigger than that which you can see from your current vantage point? What if, at some level, you are responsible for all that has unfolded thus far in your life? What if you are that powerful? For that is what taking responsibility returns to you: your power. Can you imagine a story big enough to hold in love all that you have experienced?


Knowing ourselves as part of a bigger picture is the second foundation stone to building resilience. For we cannot truly be resilient if our story begins and ends with ‘me and mine’ alone. Instead, we must foster belief in a picture so big that it takes us even beyond death, which means having a spiritual context for our life. When our anchor points, our roots, extend down beyond death, it is then that we will have the potential to know true resilience in our life.


The little things

There are of course the little things that are so essential to work on in the day-to-day unfolding of our lives in order to build resilience: fostering flexibility, patience and persistence, and deep listening so that we can attend to true self-care and respond to others in healthful and wholesome ways. However, the essence is those two foundation stones: knowing what we are here to do in a context that accounts for our belonging and interconnection (that we are all related: the earth, the trees, the two and four-leggeds, the rock-beings, the winged-ones) to a love story bigger than we can ever imagine.

What is the soul song you have come here to sing dear one? As the best version of yourself: who are you and what have you come to be and do at this time? For it is no accident that you are here now, in these turbulent times…

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