What’s different about the Amazonian Arts 13 Moons Journey?

The Amazonian Arts journey beginning February 2020 has a very specific focus that will likely distinguish it from other circles and gatherings that women have experienced. This is its crystal clear directive to fortify each woman’s fierceness. I have spoken to what this fierceness is in the Womanifesto (free when you join our mailing list in the website footer) and today I wish to use the synonym ‘Shakti’ to give you another perspective on how the Amazonian Arts understands fierceness. Lyn Wilde, author of Women Warriors in Myth and History says “Whatever else you say about the Amazons, you have to admit they are full of Shakti.” She distinguishes the Amazons from other aspects of the divine feminine by this quality, which she defines as “bright, burning, vital power of the archetypal feminine: a power that is at once erotic, inexhaustible, captivating, sensual, terrifying and annihilating – the divine female in action.”


What will women receive by participating?

Thus, by the end of the 13 Moons Journey, the vision is that each women has retrieved a new harvest of ‘gold’ from her unconscious. She does this by facing fears and shadows that have arisen during the work and polishing the fierce strengths within: her Shakti. In doing so, she will have fostered self-sovereignty and resilience to face the challenging times ahead that we face collectively. This is not only in relation to the specific Warrioress she is working with, but for all 13 Warrioresses. For each of us knows these archetypes within our bones. Although we have a particular Warrioress to work with at this time that’s specific to our work in the world, to reacquaint ourselves with the entire tribe is  to consciously connect to the full spectrum of our fierce strengths.

In the process we will meet the 13 Clan Mothers who are the anchor points for each of the 13 archetypes, and we will practice sending love up the ancestral lines. This will cultivate connection such that we can call on all 13 Warrioresses in our lives when we need to access those skills and strengths. Each woman who contributes to this year, including those from afar, will have co-authored this inaugural anchoring story for the Amazonian Arts.


How do I join in from afar?

All women who wish to join the journey, whether literally in Dorrigo, or through the Ether from afar, need have had their Amazonian Astrology reading. After your Warrioress steps forward, you will be invited to join the closed Facebook group, Women of the Warrior Way. Women literally journeying in Dorrigo will be posting in this group as to their own experience from the monthly circles and additional Warrioress gatherings they opt to attend throughout the year. Women from afar can consciously intend to join us by creating a monthly altar in their home to the Warrioress we are journeying; tuning into the posts and blogs for the month on that Warrioress; asking questions; and also sharing their own experience into the closed group space. Some women have also asked to be notified for the ‘month of their Warrioress’ so that they can literally come to Dorrigo and join us for that circle that is so pertinent to their own work in the world. Contact me if this speaks to you.

Fierce Felicitations,


Warrior Queen & Foundress of the Amazonian Arts


Image: artist unknown. Please advise if known.

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