I imagine, that for some women post their Amazonian Astrology reading, they will feel a little unsure of how to proceed with this Warrioress who has stepped forward. May I suggest the power of suspending disbelief? For while many women would agree that it was insightful to go through the process of receiving their Warrioress, well … She is just make believe—isn’t she?


The limitations of the rational mind … 

A sad truth for many of us who are on the fringes of opening into greater connection with the invisible realms is that the rational mind is a monstrous stumbling block. While this powerful tool has its place, it is no friend in the initial journey of establishing contact and building relationship with your Warrioress.


Why do you have to be the one to establish contact? 

Because the Grandmothers who hold the Lineages of each of the Warrioresses are what we call Well Ancestors. What that means in essence is that they are humble and respectful. They won’t come into your life without your invitation. It is you who must seek them out. You who must initiate relationship.


Drum Journeying as a means to building relationship with your Warrioress 

There are many ways but I would like to speak to the value of the drum journey as a means to fostering this relationship. This approach is so powerful because it’s akin to lucid dreaming: a place where you can access the dance between the conscious and unconscious. You simply allow yourself to follow what arises in your imagination (and if the rational mind says you are making it up let that simply be). Just go where you feel led, and ask your questions and interact as you go. As such these journeys invite you to the shores of your own unconscious where retrieval of information can be personally, and collectively, profound.


Why practice is so important 

Yet, in order to journey deeper and retrieve greater riches from the caves of the unconscious, we must be prepared to practice. This is a second stumbling block for many who may try this once or twice and then give up, convinced they cannot do it. This is simply not true. Would a violinist or carpenter ever be known by their vocations if they never practiced? Everyone can journey. It may take time and practice, but we can all do it.


The necessity of attending to the relationship 

What we cannot do is expect the relationship with our Warrioress to blossom unless we attend it as we would a garden. Before we can harvest the fruits we must spend time nourishing and fertilising the earth, which is akin to creating an altar and making offerings to your Warrioress, whether it be through song, prayer, dance, flowers, food offerings etc. We must also go on regular drum journeys if this becomes our chosen path of connection in order to create a stronger bridge between the seen and unseen worlds. For this is the ancient wisdom found panculturally: that attending to the invisible realms informs the visible realms.

These archetypes that we are working with are ancient. The Zodiac, or the Houses of the Moon as they were called in Babylonian times, signify each strand of the feminine in her wholeness. The Amazonian Arts simply tells their story as they have come to us today, dressed for these times as the Warrioresses.

And what will your relationship with her be? Know well that it will remain impotent if you believe in your heart she is but a figment of your imagination. Or conversely, you can consciously choose to suspend disbelief and this relationship can grow into a rich source of pure potency beyond your wildest imagination. The choice is yours. You are that powerful.  



Fierce Felicitations,


Warrior Queen & Foundress of the Amazonian Arts