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Ancient Ways | New Story

The Amazonian Arts is a new story, woven from the threads of ancient ways.
It speaks to a choice that we each will make. A choice to continue with the current broken story, or to step away and awaken to a new narrative: one that speaks the language of a healed future. 
The Invitation: to join your brothers and sisters on a journey where we once again find ourselves in wholesome relationship with the earth and all her inhabitants. To choose the magickal life where we each embody the sacred and ecstatic dance between the Sun (the healed masculine) and the Moon (the healed feminine).

What is your choice?


Reawaken your Fierce Feminine



Reveal your Inner Magick



Restore your Deep Masculine



Reveal your Inner Hero

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Our Humanity Policy

Although we provide pathways of entry based on "gender" and "age", this is purely a route to healing and honouring the divine feminine and sacred masculine energies. We welcome everyone to follow the unicorn that best fits their personal journey. Find out more here.

"The Astrology Reading from Amazonian Arts was transformative. Devoting two hours to a reading allowed so much depth, and it all resonated very strongly. This reading explained some life-long patterns that I had never understood, and led me to a Warrioress archetype that confirmed other information I had received recently from a different source. I am still working through the reading – there is so much rich insight in there."

Kate Matthew
Warrioress | Messenger

"The first word that comes to mind to describe the Pathway Journey is inspiring or perhaps igniting. The imagery is just beautiful and the content, rich, varied and leads you into self reflection in such an evocative way. I really love the astrological insights. While journaling some of the questions, I went back in time to moments in my life I had totally forgotten about that held secrets I needed to unravel the next layer. I discovered how much wisdom can be gleaned through the symbolism within fairy tales and the trance state induced by drum journeys. Thank you for this wonderful offering!"

Elvina Munir
Warrioress | Alchemist

"Jeanette’s astrology reading gave me insights into my life patterns that I had not realised were there but had of course experienced throughout my life. I had lots of light bulb moments when my challenges and skills were pointed out to me. The reading provided me with clarity and direction. At the end to then receive the gift of the feminine archetype felt like such a blessing. I am looking forward to journeying on the Huntress Pathway and exploring further the gifts she has to offer me through getting to know her better."

Lisa Smith
Warrioress | Huntress

"Journeying the Pathways of the Amazonian Arts has been a deep experience of self-gnosis and transformation. You are invited and freely guided with empathy to courageously face your fears and shadows, and discover and empower your most beautiful shining light. Thank you for this beautiful offering."

Eve Oak
Warrioress | Medicine Woman

"My experience having an Astrology Reading with Jeanette was simply extraordinary. I came out of the session feeling incredibly inspired and empowered, with a whole lot of clarity around myself, my relationships, my life and highest purpose and the Warrioress that became obvious at the end of the session felt very aligned. After more than 25 years learning and working with ‘alternative’ therapies, and being a facilitator in this space, I feel the Amazonian Arts is an inspired vision that has the power to transform lives in sometimes ineffable but simultaneously, very grounded ways. If you have been drawn to this work and because you are reading these words, I encourage you to feel in deeply and take action as you feel to. "

Rebecca Passey
Warrioress | Medicine Women

"The Amazonian Arts has opened a portal to the forgotten pieces of my blueprint. The bones of each of the 13 archetypes has allowed me to connect to the powers of my ancestors and the calling of my soul. I feel blessed to have found access to these deep rooted lineages, to be able to reclaim my own power through my Warrioress, the Warrior Queen, reflect on my own shadows and be truly ‘seen’ by sisters in circle. I have found the Amazonian Arts Community to be real, raw, passionate, blissfully creative and deeply honouring of the forgotten stories of the womb."

Brony Marshall
Warrioress | Warrior Queen

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Overarching Allies of the Amazonian Arts

We have been received through signs and omens, brought through collectively by the Vision Weavers. We come to support all who journey with us.


“I am mother and sister to all who reside on your earth. I am the holy vessel that contains the crystallised essence of the creator/creatrix force...

At this time women are being called to step forth to usher in the ‘new’; to be the way-showers and midwives. Sisters, the reins are to be in your hands, and you will need to open your hearts in deep forgiveness to your brothers, your fathers, your husbands and your sons. This act of forgiveness can enable ‘them’ to heal and reclaim their own authentic masculine expression. This in turn leads to the balancing of polarities between the sexes."

Black Unicorn

"I am a magickal and mystical creature who is the mythological equivalent to the literal steeds of the Amazons. Much like the feminine, I have been reduced and minimised to something comfortable and safe (‘neutered’), but my true nature is fierce, and I am longing to be re-membered and restored. I bring the medicine of endurance, authenticity, freedom and self-sovereignty, and I represent what is just out of reach, unsettling and powerful. I represent the primal and in my dark form I represent the feminine. 

I am black and I am back.” 

Meet us all including Amazonite,  Myrrh, Tjet and the Fruit of Life in the Pathway to the Amazonian Arts  
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