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The Clan Mother Speaks: Our Determinatress

As I run ideas through my mind on where to begin my story, a narrated voice ponders random memories.  I regress to past experiences of powerful, spiritual shifts as a young woman during my university years. Having an outspoken, feminist mother who, in my teens, presenting a bumper sticker proudly stating, “Girls can do anything,” led me down a path of rights for women. Bless her for this.  I also recall a childhood knowing, steeped in Christian teachings, that I would one day do work in some spiritual aspect. Of course, I have reached far beyond my religious upbringing and have explored many philosophies of life and beyond—which is where I truly believe this story goes back even further—to past lives.  


Past Painful Lives

I feel I have lived a life as a Georgian woman feeling betrayed by her lover and living a lonely, unmarried life without children. Women only felt their worth was reliant upon having a husband and her ability to produce offspring. Another life involves a Victorian era teen, feeling abandoned when her brother and sole protector decides to go to war and she dies in childbirth in a filthy dwelling; father unknown.  

Women had limited means to support themselves financially, turning to prostitution or begging. Travelling further back in time to the middle ages, a European woman is murdered by her violent husband.


Rising Rage

Married at an early age and lacking education, some women endured domestic violence as the norm. Can you feel the rage reflecting on these lives? The injustices that women have had to contend with as they are born into a “lesser than” human body?

These lives are all parts of my soul and ancestral lines and I guarantee that these themes are a part of you, whether you are a woman or a man. This is by no means to denigrate men. This is all our story and sadly it’s a story that is still playing out today. They have a common thread—disempowered women and men—our sisters and our brothers, malnourished, in a society that teaches we are weak and feeble and must control others.


A New Story

I believe the Amazonian Arts can play a valuable role as a training ground to develop power within—to understand ourselves from different lenses and to develop our multidimensional bodies. It is from these empowered positions that we can step into our communities and society as a whole person without the need to dominate others.

We can then assist the planet and humanity in these times of change.  I feel therefore I have come into this life to support women’s work and hence have stepped into the role of Clan Mother for the Determinatress Lineage.

I feel She is speaking:

“For I am The Determinatress and I seek balance between the masculine and feminine. I seek equality between men and women. The dream I weave is that women will rise into their innate power to bring their rich gifts to this planet to which all beings will benefit. I seek justice for all facets denoted feminine that are being desecrated by a misaligned and destructive masculine energy. This begins from within. As each person balances their energy between passive and active, yin and yang, shadow and light, sun and moon, so too will our planet and humanity come into balance. It’s time to take back our power. We are moving and shaking the foundations of this patriarchal society that cannot and will not survive. The evolution is here.”


Determinatress Clan Mother: Amy Myers

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