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The Clan Mother Speaks: The Call of the Wildling

clan mother wildling Jan 12, 2021


A Wild Welcome

The call came. I heard it. But I waited. 

I didn’t move. I didn’t make a sound. 

I let the call be there, in the air, but I made no quick answer. 

I took my time.  


Time passed. 

And then: yes. 


I didn’t know, then, why the yes, why then, or even what I was saying yes to. 

My steps toward that yes have been slow. To be slow is not to be tentative, but rather, a slowness that makes room to know each step of the way is sure, is bold.


A Diverse Rediscovery

The experience of finding oneself here, on this Amazonian Arts path, I’m sure is varied and unique for all of us, and the value of sharing is only to recognise that rich diversity among us. 

So far the experience of hearing other women’s stories, paths that brought them here, and passions that they seek to realise has felt a privilege and a process of understanding why we need this space, now. I see the Amazonian Arts as a conduit, that enables each one of us differently, but that holds us together in solidarity, in unity, in shared history.  

It was The Wildling that I heard call. She has allowed me to shift some stayed binary attitudes that were underwritten by an idea that a woman should be this, shouldn’t be that. She has allowed me to embrace the stronger, and less accepted ways of being that have been bubbling underneath the surface for a lifetime, for many lifetimes. Because certain aspects have been suppressed, they would rupture at times in sometimes less than useful ways. It’s now time to understand how to put these aspects to good and powerful use, in service to all. 

This space allows me to play and explore a more expansive, more complex, way of being. The group holds this play together, the group nurtures me through my clumsiness, my mis-steps. You hold me softly. 


Sensory Revolution

There was a time when we humans understood ourselves in context of other earth dwellers, weather patterns, and the stars, the beyond of our own ground. I imagine, then, we used all our senses to know the world, to know how to be in relationship with it. The natural environment gives me time, and space, to listen, to feel into my bones, and to act only when my bones and the soil are in agreement. This time that I’m invoking is not in the lost past. It is a living present. We only need to help one another feel back into it. 

The opportunity to cultivate a wholesome relationship with where we are, and who we share this life with, is always available. The universe is benevolent like that. And it is precisely there, in the meeting with her, in the recognition of the ways we are entangled, that the potential for expanding consciousness lies. 

And what is this ‘expansion of consciousness’?

For me it is a move toward wholeness and balance which deepens our presence and belonging to the world. Human exceptionalism works to detach us from our lives, from the flesh of the world. And so this project calls on plant, animal, element, star. 

Recognising, and practicing our part in this diverse ecology, is one of the pillars of this work for me, as we move, gently toward bringing the fierce feminine back, as our gift to the world. 

Wildling Clan Mother: Mina
Photo by Nicole Geri on Unsplash

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