Deepen Your Relationship

Fostering greater connection with your Warrioress

Here you begin the potent work of anchoring your archetype. You can do this simply by working with the suggestions in the Profile and through ideas/ways that resonate from all that is shared in the Women of the Warrior Way group. You may also choose to invest in some of the services that support the deepening process such as the Plant Medicine Healing, Amazonian Medicine Doll, The Experience, and more!

Remember: the more you create relationship with your Warrioress, the more she takes on a tangible presence in your life, fiercely showing up and supporting you on your path.

Inner Journeys with your Warrioress

“Learn the theories as best you can, then put them aside and touch the living soul.”
Carl Jung

This ‘deepening service’ provides a guided inner journey to facilitate deeper integration of your Warrioress archetype and her specific ‘mission’ (outlined in her Profile) via the intuitive channelling process and the somatic experience.

Whilst the Amazonian Astrology Reading is designed to deeply inform and connect us with our feminine journey and emerging Warrioress, this process takes us one step further by intensely engaging us with the cellular memory held in our physical body. Identifying where we are holding blockages on the emotional/soul levels which prevent us from fully actualising our feminine life purpose.

This is an empowering and healing exploration where the ‘held’ sacred space fosters profound reconnection to those parts of our beings which have lain dormant and unacknowledged. It speaks to ‘that’, which is crying out to come home and reclaim its rightful place in the wholeness of our beings.

Inner Journeys with your Warrioress will take approximately 2 hours and is available face-to-face in Dorrigo, Northern NSW, Australia, as well as offered remotely.

Jeanette Jones - Amazonian AstrologerWho is Jeanette Jones?

“My journey in this life has been one driven by a deep need to understand and experience the nature of healing/’wholing’. In pursuit of this calling, I proceeded to study extensively in the areas of Natural Medicine, Astrology and Energetic Healing. Such rich and ancient wisdom made my heart sing, and even more so when holding space for clients with their histories and ‘herstories’.

Each cycle of learning has spiraled me into deeper connection with my calling, and at the end of the last cycle, I found myself taking a surefooted step into strangely familiar yet entirely new territory with the Amazonian Arts. This has allowed me to explore and ‘marry’ my primary modalities of Astrology and Energy Healing. The beauty this ‘marriage’ offers is the deep informing through the astrological soul story followed by the dropping into the body/emotional energetic. We begin with the mind: the understanding; and then move into the heart: the feeling, the knowing.”

Plant Medicine Healings

Myrrh speaks[1]
“I am here to help heal the loyal soldiers who have armed you from within. I do this so you can become the fierce feminine that the human world so desperately needs.” 

There are thousands of plants species on this planet and more are being discovered all the time. We rely on plants for the air we breathe, the food we eat and the medicines that heal. However, plants are much more than chemical constituents; they are the very essence of life-force and have always held the key to evolution on this planet. Each plant has a unique signature and essence; a unique healing capacity. As part of my work with the Plant Spirit Realm and the Amazonian Arts, I have called forth the Plant Spirits who wish to work with the women who will one day be bringing this legacy and work to fruition. I began by calling forth the Plant Spirits who were part of each of the Amazonian Arts Archetypes, and then I called forth the Matron Plant for the entire Amazonian Arts program. The full transmission from Mother Myrrh can be read in the Womanifesto.

Each Plant Spirit Reading with me will be a voice recording of the medicine that your particular Plant Spirit Ally within your archetype has for you. This medicine will be different for every woman, for we are all on within different cycles and journeys as we walk this path together. Hence, what one woman receives will never be the same as another. Your reading will also include a written transcript of the collective medicine of your plant ally and each voice recording comes with a healing transmission for you from your Plant Spirit Ally.

The voice recordings take you on a journey to merge with your Plant Spirit so that you can begin to embody your Plant Spirit’s Medicine in your life. The recording finishes with me giving you practical steps on how you can begin your own Plant Spirit communication journey and relationship with your Plant.

It is possible also that the Mother Myrrh may also wish to communicate with particular women or all women as this work unfolds. This communication may require its own reading/healing or she may be able to speak within your archetypal reading. I ask that you stay open with me within this process so that we may be true and honourable to these incredible plant beings who are gifting us so much.

Readings are offered remotely with Plant Medicine Witch Amanda Jayne Fisher.

Who is Amanda Jayne Fisher?

“I desire to experience life in all its glory, to die knowing that I have truly lived. I long for a world where humans do not fear to travel to their greatest depths; a world where we all live as our most authentic selves. I long for a world where my heart and your heart, and the heart beat of mother earth herself, aligns in love and in wisdom. So that we may live in a way where that love and wisdom gently influence our ‘being’ and our ‘doing’ so that my children’s children can one day still smell the sweet scent of a rose; can still hear the call of a black cockatoo; so they can still see a rainbow after a sudden downpour of rain.

My mission from the plants is to those who have forgotten the way to once again hear the plant’s songs; to once again feel the wisdom of plants; to once again dance this dance of life with the greatest partners we will ever have: the natural world.

I heal, I feel and I work with plants, and at a different time in a different place that would have made me a witch. 

Then the burning happened and women who were intuitive, women who knew how to heal, women who desired sovereignty, had to stay in the dark. They had to meet in secret, they had to lead a pretend life, a life without safety and a life that was expected of them.

Today I refer to myself as a witch knowing it may make people uncomfortable. I choose to do this because I have healed the wounded memories of the healers that have come before me, and I do this for all the healers who still live in unsafe places in the world.

I have learnt that some of my greatest magick comes from those deep places within me that I have often been afraid to look.

Are you willing to look at your own? To meet your own magick within? Come, let me introduce you to your Plant Medicine …”

  Another world is not only possible; she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing. 

Arundhati Roy

You can find out more about Amanda and her work here.

[1]  Myrrh is one of the overarching mascots for the Amazonian Arts.

Amazonian Medicine Doll

The Amazonian Medicine Doll will be created specifically for you as a powerful and supportive companion and ally for your Amazonian Arts journey. This will be done in Sacred Ceremony and Ritual after meeting with you to connect (via a short phone, skype or email exchange).

I will go through various shamanic processes to connect with you, your Amazonian Warrioress, Her Allies, your guides, teachers, well and healed ancestors that come forth, Nature, the Directions and the Earth. I will then create your doll. These dolls are always a mystery to me. I fully trust and surrender to what I am guided to incorporate and bring forth into your Amazonian Medicine Doll. They are channeled from Spirit and the Earth and are the physical embodiment of the magick and medicine for you to manifest into the world through your Amazonian Arts journey.

Examples of Medicine Dolls sacredly created by Melissa Jane.

Who is Melissa Jane?

“I am a Woman, Mother, Grandmother, Medicine Weaver, Creatress, Gardener, Craftswoman. I am deeply passionate about the healing and restorative capacity of Craft. I began making dolls over twenty years ago in alignment with Anthroposophical Indications of Rudolf Steiner’s spiritual philosophy. It became apparent to me that there was much more here than the physical creation of a play thing for my children. These dolls would take on a life of their own before my eyes; often with messages of healing and love for those they were being made for, and often incorporating elements from nature.

Over the years I have explored many modalities of making dolls incorporating all I have learnt along the way: reiki, permaculture, nature connection, shamanic practices, dying, felting, weaving, knitting, sewing etc. I use only materials from the natural world in all I create; sourced as locally, ethically and sustainably as possible. I believe that Craft and the Arts will play a major role in the transformation, healing and restoration of humanity to a whole, sustainable, balanced, kind and caring culture of love and reciprocity.

I am so honoured, grateful and excited for the opportunity to be part of the weaving for the Amazonian Arts.”

The Experience

What is the Experience?

The Experience offers women an individually tailored, live-in journey with their Warrioress at the space we caretake in the pristine temperate rainforest of North–Eastern NSW. There are two types of deep immersion programs available: weekend intensives and week-long programs.

Women wishing to explore their specific Amazonian Warrioress can opt for either type of program. We usually work with a single archetype so that we can tailor the experience to that Warrioress, but we can also accommodate more diversity if women want to book in as a small group. Please enquire if this interests you.

We meet each women where she is at and simply start from there. There is no fitness requirement nor certain things that MUST be undertaken etc. Weapon training can be metaphorical or real: it’s up to you, for it is all uniquely tailored for what each women wants to look at within herself, explore, and accomplish. These areas and skills can be built on/advanced over multiple visits if she so chooses.

What do the programs involve?

There are two parts to the Amazonian Arts Experience Program that are interwoven. The first part is cultivating skills that are generic to all Warrioresses. These include skills such as fire-lighting, bush navigation, tracking, cooking with fire, deep listening, interspecies dialogue, bushcraft etc. Essentially re-wilding so that we can consciously re-member ever deeper levels of our inherent connection with nature. Each skill can be undertaken at basic or more advanced levels; for example, lighting a fire in the rain or without matches would be the advanced level of fire lighting.

The second part of the program relates to the specific Warrioress that you come with. In The Profile of each Warrioress, there is a list of suggestions to choose from. This is where each woman has to decide which experience is calling her the most. This requires feeling in beyond the initial desire to what your Warrioress is asking of you. There is also scope to discuss other ideas: the list provided is simply a place to start. For example, when we work with Medicine Woman, we draw on our skills and experience in transpersonal counselling; shiatsu; and knowledge of food, herbs and wild weeds as medicine; to offer practices that deepen skills in intuition in the healing arts. If we have the Huntress stay, options include archery, hunting skills, crafting of arrows, a quiver, bow etc.; and if the Banshee visits one focus is constructing and partaking in sweat lodge ceremony etc. There will also be drum journeying with your Allies, altar creations, crafting etc. as it pertains to your specific Warrioress.

What do I need to know before I book in?

Before you can become a participant, you will need to know which Warrioress you are. You can choose one intuitively; however, we recommend an Amazonian Astrology reading because it will take you to places within yourself that may not be consciously accessible without a guide. It is here that you will hear most clearly which Warrioress is calling you. Next you then need to purchase The Profile of your Warrioress.

Once you decide to commit to The Experience by paying the deposit, we will email you to schedule a time and date for a Skype or phone call consult. Before this consult you will need to have read The Profile, as this during this call we will be working out the bones/framework of what you will be coming to experience.

What does it cost?

Cost will be calculated exactly post the consult so that we know if there are any extra materials we need to take into account that will be required for your experience. Approximate costs are $600 for the week-long program and $800 for weekend intensives (3 nights/4 days). All of our programs include food, accommodation and airport pick-up/drop-off (from Coffs Harbour, which is 1.5 hours away) as required, and the Skype/phn consult. We try and keep prices as affordable as we can. In the week-long program we set a slower pace that integrates practices with the day-to-day running of space where we live. Participants of this program are expected to contribute a little each day (i.e. dishes, feeding the ducks etc.), which enables us to run this program at a lower cost.

By making your deposit you will engage us in your Skype/phone consult session.

Akhalita & Russell

When sleeping women wake, mountains move.
Chinese proverb

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