Meet Your Warrioress

The entry point to the Amazonian Arts is through an Amazonian Astrology Reading with the Gate-Keeper, astrologer Jeanette Jones. This reading takes you deep into your natal chart. It looks at placements that pertain to the fierce feminine and your relationship to all that is written in the stars. It is then that SHE will step forward: the Warrioress who knows she is the one your soul has called forth. SHE represents the Lineage that will be the most potent one to have at your back at this time. SHE will support you in your true work. SHE will remind you of what you have come to do and be right now in the world. You will then be invited to join the closed group Women of the Warrior Way in Facebook. Here you can meet others from the same Clan (who are working with the same Warrioress). You will also meet those from other Clans as you come to know the whole Amazonian Arts Tribe. After your reading you will also be given the list of your archetype’s Allies. And from here you can do your own journeying. However, we recommend purchasing your Profile in this first stage. Then you can sit with all we have received about your Warrioress and her Allies. Your Profile will also provide suggestions for how you can work with your Warrioress. And at this point you are already moving into the second of three stages: Deepen Your Relationship.

Amazonian Astrology Reading

Amazonian Astrology has been conceived of concurrently with the Amazonian Arts as a way to deeply guide you into re-membering the magick and profound mystery that we are each a part of. Astrologer Jeanette Jones works in collaboration with each woman and via the language of the natal chart itself, to bring focus to the fierce feminine qualities available for each woman to explore and strengthen. Fears that may be blocking the full expression and power within each woman will also be explored. Key markers that weigh in significantly are the ‘Queens’: Venus and the Moon. Then within this container are the placements of the specific asteroids that provide a greater depth of understanding of the personal dynamic. These are: Vesta, Pallas Athena, Juno, Ceres, Eris and Lilith (and her black and dark moon placements). Together these placements will play a key role in revealing a woman’s Amazonian Warrioress.

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Amazonian Astrology with Jeanette Jones is available in Dorrigo, Northern NSW, Australia and are also offered remotely.

Jeanette Jones - Amazonian Astrologer

Introducing Jeanette Jones

“My journey in this life has been one driven by a deep need to understand and experience the nature of healing/’wholing’. In pursuit of this calling, I proceeded to study extensively in the areas of Natural Medicine, Astrology and Energetic Healing. Such rich and ancient wisdom made my heart sing, and even more so when holding space for clients with their histories and ‘herstories’. Each cycle of learning has spiraled me into deeper connection with my calling. And at the end of the last cycle, I found myself taking a surefooted step into strangely familiar yet entirely new territory with the Amazonian Arts.”

The Evolving Soul

“My practice before each Amazonian Astrology reading is to ‘sit’ with the birth chart for an hour or more. This allows me to connect in with, and form a relationship to, the bones of the archetypal story. I can then receive the archetypal Warrioress that steps forward during the reading and weave her in with an approach called the ‘evolving soul’. The Evolving Soul approach is one that I find deep alignment with. Here the Natal Birth Chart is understood also as the Soul Map. The Amazonian Arts weaves in with this concept of soul evolution because it is guiding us into a whole other dimension of understanding; both embracing and taking us beyond the generally known Zodiac signs and correspondences. Here we are unearthing and bringing to the surface … ‘lifting the veil’… on each individual feminine story. And this in turn plays out against the backdrop of the collective feminine narrative.”

After your Reading …

After your Amazonian Astrology reading you will be sent the Chart of Correspondences. This will introduce you to your Warrioresses Allies, and you can begin by sitting with the questions below. For the reading isn’t designed to tell you about a specific Warrioress. Rather it is designed to take you on a deep exploration of your natal chart through the lens of the fierce feminine. This is so that the specific Warrioress who steps forward for you is clearly and authentically summoned by the end of the reading. It is then, after your reading, that you can purchase your specific Warrioress’ Profile. Here you can come to know HER more intimately through this power-filled resource that will guide you on your journey.

Some questions to get you on your way …

    • Which of the 13 Amazonian Warrioresses has stepped forward as guardian, protector and teacher, and is manifesting through you at this time?
    • Are you in healthy relationship with Her or do you feel you may be operating from her shadow aspect?
    • What are your deepest fears? Can you articulate them or do they remain hidden from your conscious grasp? What would it mean to face them? How would that transform your life?
    • What is your first response to the Warrioress who has stepped forward? Is She the one you felt drawn to or repelled by? Do you have reservations? Is She welcome at your fireside?

It is now that conscious relationship with Her can begin to unfold. Are you ready to take Her hand and see what it is that she wants to show you?

This is the beginning of the journey into the Amazonian Arts …”

Warrioress Profiles

Consider each Warrioress Profile as your map to engaging the Warrioress lineage that was written in the stars for you. It is a rich and juicy PDF that begins you on the journey of fleshing out the bones of your specific Warrioress.

It details how Allies from the Chart of Correspondences (available when you sign up for free at the footer of each page) weave together and suggests ways to engage them and stepping stones that will take you along Her path. It will support you to create your own unique relationship with your Warrioress and help you address fears that may be limiting you, while also highlighting  strengths that you may not have yet fully tapped nor be fully conscious off.

Your Mission is given to you as the bones you are to flesh out, along with tonics to strengthen your resolve to complete this work as you embody the potency and power of your Warrioress.

Each of these Profiles takes you on a deep journey with your Warrioress and her lineage, sharing her full herstory and how she weaves her magic with her Allies. Here you will receive guidance for connecting in with your Warrioress and detailed suggestions for ways you can deepen your relationship to the fierce feminine. There is also information about the live-in program offered where you are able to explore specific activities that relate to your Warrioress and begin the journey of embodying the fierce feminine in your own unique and powerful expression of Her.