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Discover Your Warrioress Profile - Online Questionnaire

Discover which of the 13 Warrioresses speaks to your knowing right now and who is deeply aligned with your natal chart.

Our powerful online questionnaire guides you to:

  • Locate your fierce feminine asteriod placements in your natal chart

  • Feel into your intuition

  • Answer from the heart

to carefully determine the Warrioress archetype that will support you to fulfil your soul-work in the world.

Then the magick begins...

She will take your hand and lead you into your own inner knowing. Reclamation, healing and deeper levels of awakening await you through a 4 week journey rich with her unique tools and offerings.

Meet the 13 Warrioresses here


The Importance of Amazonian Astrology 

Amazonian Astrology has been conceived as a way to deeply guide us in creating a modern-day mythology. Via the language of the natal chart itself, it brings focus to the fierce feminine qualities available for each woman to explore and strengthen. Fears that may be blocking the full expression and power are brought to the foreground so that they may be held, heard and healed.

There are some key markers that weigh in significantly. Firstly, the ‘Queens’ that hold the container are Venus and the Moon. Then within this container are the placements of the specific asteroids that provide a greater depth of understanding of the personal dynamic. These are: Vesta, Pallas Athena, Juno, Ceres, Eris, Isis, Hygeia, and Lilith (and her black and dark moon placements).

Together these placements will be explored when you receive your Warrioress Profile through the questionnaire as they all play a key role in revealing your Warrioress archetype.


What can I expect from a Discover Your Warrioress Profile?

The 42-question online questionnaire is taken at your own leisure using any device. It requires nothing more than intuition, self-reflection and your own personal natal chart placements.

The online component is supported by specific natal chart placements, which will be emailed to you in a summary PDF after purchase.

The questionnaire takes approximately 40 minutes to complete depending on the contemplation you give to each question and how easily you are able to use the reference material.


How do I know my result is unique?

The profiling provides a specific Warrioress based on your response to the reflective questions (first half of the assessment), and then your specific natal chart placements that are what is written in the stars for you (second half of the assessment).


What happens after I take the questionnaire?

This is where the magick happens! You will receive an email confirming your Warrioress Archetype and now you can start your journey. 

Each Warrioress has a 4 week online course which offers you the wisdom and tools to open into all she has to offer. Through deep journaling, drum journeys, meditation and mythology you will learn how to reawaken the fierce feminine within into the New Story that speaks to magickal, sustainable and sacred ways of relating to ourselves, each other and all beings on this beautiful earth.


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