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Black Unicorn Essence

Divination Essences by Natasha Colchester

Are you ready to step into your wild magnificent self?

The Black Unicorn Divination Essence was created from the 12th-13th of January 2020 during the great conjunction of Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. For those of us who are not astrologists, this was the big astrological event that predicted the HUGE changes that were about to take place in 2020. Not in a detailed linear way... in a more mystical-prophetical way. Yet regardless of what we believe, one thing remains true; collectively (and individually) we will never be the same again... We have been set in motion for the shift that the Earth needs now, into the age of Aquarius.

The Unicorn is known pan culturally as the most wild and powerful animal; completely undomesticated. The Unicorn also represents purity, and is able to see straight through any masks or illusions to see directly into the heart of a person or situation.

This is the energy we need now; to break our bonds of domestication, especially as women. Often termed as the 're-wilding' of the Feminine; to be able to recognise Truth, to have the courage to speak and act in alignment with our own pure hearts.

It is also interesting to note the rise in popularity of Unicorns with young girls at this time!

Unicorn essence was birthed on Dja Dja Wurrung country with the assistance of Libby, aged 10 years old, who has a passionate love of, and connection to, the Unicorn. As soon as I was told that I needed to make a Unicorn essence the first vision that dropped in was of a young maiden. I then did some research into Unicorns and found that in some of the mythology it was told that only a maiden, pure of heart, could 'humble' a unicorn: perfect! Trusting this, I entrusted Libby to choose our location, crystals and to include her detailed drawing of all the different types of Unicorns.

We were held in place by a triangle of three large eucalyptus trees and as the sun set, and the full moon rose, we began. The essence includes the magick of all the elements present (including crystals carefully chosen) and was completed after the sun had risen on the following morning.

The design for this essence was a lengthy process. This was due to what was unfolding during 2020 and the Universal Timing of the birthing of the essence itself. Each of the Divination Essences came at a particular time; when they were most needed; when we were ready. All guided by deep listening and surrender.

This magickal essence was particularly elusive to my mind (my desire to control the process and/or outcome), and this comes as no surprise considering I was working with Unicorn! I was really called to trust in the Divine timing of her creation, birth and release.

The Black Unicorn essence feels stronger than the Unicorn essence; a deeper calling of the Wild Feminine. This essence was inspired by the work of Akhalita Makoto and her vision, and creation of, The Amazonian Arts.

I trust that if this essence, and the Unicorn, calls you, you are ready. I thank each of you for hearing the call and having the courage to be your wild magnificent selves for a world in deep need of our return. 

Divination (v): to discover hidden knowledge usually through the use of intuitive perception and insights; the practice of determining the hidden significance behind events. In ancient times, divination was associated with discovering the will of the gods and goddesses.

PRACTICAL NOTE: All Divination Essences are bottled in black violet glass (a unique biophotonic glass which protects the essences from the harmful effects of light, increases their shelf life, and protects their magickal potency). Contains 15 mL of liquid consisting of 10 mL of filtered water (as a conductor for the vibrations), and 5 mL of alcohol (to preserve) and the associated vibrational matrix. They are STOCK essences which means that you can create DOSAGE (therapeutic remedy) bottles from them using only 3 drops from your STOCK bottle.