Amazonian 13 Tone Sound Healing


Harmonic Healing Journey with the 13 Tones of Creation

I am offering one hour Harmonic Healing sessions of deep relaxation through using the 13 Tones of Creation. This special scale based on Mayan Astrology is made up of incremental intervals in the A 432 Hz tuning system. It is a powerful tool in shifting consciousness and is useful for anyone who has trouble focusing in meditation or dropping deeply.

Sessions are available by appointment in the vicinity of Dorrigo for single sessions and multiple sessions over a single day for groups can also be booked. Enquiries before booking welcome here:

What can I expect in a session?

In a Harmonic Healing Journey, energy chimes are placed on the 13 joints of your body and on the chakra points. The harmonics they produce surround you with pulsing vibration. Tibetan bowls, deep and resonant, ground the energy, with bells and rain stick creating a magical soundscape. You will be asked to set an intention, which will be powerfully amplified by the sounds. The vibrations enable you to bypass the mind and inner critic by effortlessly bringing you into a theta brainwave state, a deep state of relaxation and peace. It is a gentle, non-invasive way to release stress and anxiety, allowing the nervous system to reset so you can more deeply experience and embody your Warrioress with the clarity of your soul’s wisdom.

Who is Elvina Munir?

Elvina of Elfen HarmonicsMy name, Elvina means little elf and I have been drawn to Nature and the magical ways of the Spirit most of my life. I am blessed to live with my Beloved in a tiny home surrounded by ancient Antarctic Beech forest, home also to the flute singing lyrebird. My world is full of music and creativity in many forms, such as painting, weaving, pottery, healthy food preparation, gardening and more.

I am a classically trained flautist, sound healer, intuitive artist and Shakti Yoga teacher. From many years of living in India, I have developed a deep commitment to my yoga, meditation and tantric practices.

For over 17 years I have been making hand crafted energy chimes and facilitated many Harmonic Healing workshops, retreats and sound meditations around Australia and internationally.


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