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An Amazonian Astrology Reading is the official beginning of the journey into the Amazonian Arts…

What is Amazonian Astrology?

Amazonian Astrology was birthed within the womb of the Amazonian Arts to bring authentic and potent readings to women. It is the gateway through which one of 13 Warrioresses will step through to meet you. It is SHE who is the one who will most deeply speak to your fierce feminine work at this time in the world.

Why not just choose a Warrioress to walk with?

It is possible to begin your journey with the Amazonian Arts by simply choosing one of 13 Amazonian Warrioresses intuitively. For in truth, we are all 13 facets of this fierce feminine diamond. However, there is potent medicine to be had in working with the one who seeks to speak to you and through you at this time in the world. For the Warrioress we would choose isn’t necessarily the one that would choose us. Why? Because paradoxically our deepest truths often lie hidden from us, buried in the unconscious. In order to contact the deepest gifts of this work it is imperative to take an eagle-eye perspective and consult what is written in the stars. Herein lies the wisdom of the ancients.

What does an astrology reading entail?

The reading with the Gate Keeper, astrologer Jeanette Jones, is designed to take you on a deep exploration of your natal chart through the lens of the fierce feminine. In collaboration with each woman and via the language of the natal chart itself, Jeanette brings focus to the fierce feminine qualities available for you to explore and strengthen. Fears are identified that may be blocking the full expression and power within each woman. There are some key astrological markers that weigh in during the reading. And it is these placements that play a pivotal role in revealing a woman’s Amazonian Warrioress. Each astrology reading takes approximately 2 hours and is available face-to-face in Dorrigo, Northern NSW, Australia. Readings are also offered remotely online.

After your initial consult stay connected with an annual astrology forecast with your Warrioress available here.

Click here to find out more about the underpinning Amazonian Arts project.

Who is the Amazonian Astrologer and Gate Keeper of the Amazonian Arts? Jeanette Jones


Introducing Jeanette Jones

“My journey in this life has been one driven by a deep need to understand and experience the nature of healing/’wholing’. In pursuit of this calling, I proceeded to study extensively in the areas of Natural Medicine, Astrology and Energetic Healing. Such rich and ancient wisdom made my heart sing, and even more so when holding space for clients with their histories and ‘herstories’. Each cycle of learning has spiraled me into deeper connection with my calling. And at the end of the last cycle, I found myself taking a surefooted step into strangely familiar yet entirely new territory with the Amazonian Arts."

The Evolving Soul
"My practice before each Amazonian Astrology reading is to ‘sit’ with the birth chart for an hour or more. This allows me to connect in with, and form a relationship to, the bones of the archetypal story. I can then receive the archetypal Warrioress that steps forward during the reading and weave her in with an approach called the ‘evolving soul’.

The Evolving Soul approach is one that I find deep alignment with. Here the Natal Birth Chart is understood also as the Soul Map. The Amazonian Arts weaves in with this concept of soul evolution because it is guiding us into a whole other dimension of understanding; both embracing and taking us beyond the generally known Zodiac signs and correspondences. Here we are unearthing and bringing to the surface … ‘lifting the veil’… on each individual feminine story. And this in turn plays out against the backdrop of the collective feminine narrative."

After your Reading ...

After your Amazonian Astrology reading you will be sent the Chart of Correspondences. This will introduce you to your Warrioresses Allies, and you can begin by sitting with the questions below. For the reading isn’t designed to tell you about a specific Warrioress. Rather it is designed to take you on a deep exploration of your natal chart through the lens of the fierce feminine. This is so that the specific Warrioress who steps forward for you is clearly and authentically summoned by the end of the reading. It is then, after your reading, that you can purchase your specific Warrioress’ Profile. Here you can come to know HER more intimately through this power-filled resource that will guide you on your journey.

Some questions to get you on your way ...

    • Which of the 13 Amazonian Warrioresses has stepped forward as guardian, protector and teacher, and is manifesting through you at this time?
    • Are you in healthy relationship with Her or do you feel you may be operating from her shadow aspect?
    • What are your deepest fears? Can you articulate them or do they remain hidden from your conscious grasp? What would it mean to face them? How would that transform your life?
    • What is your first response to the Warrioress who has stepped forward? Is She the one you felt drawn to or repelled by? Do you have reservations? Is She welcome at your fireside?

      It is now that conscious relationship with Her can begin to unfold. Are you ready to take Her hand and see what it is that she wants to show you?

      This is the beginning of the journey into the Amazonian Arts …”

1 review for Amazonian Astrology Reading

  1. Rebecca Passey

    My experience having an Astrology Reading with Jeanette was simply extraordinary. I have had many different readings over the years and I was not really going in for an Astrology Reading, I went into it curious and open, but mostly with the desire to know my Amazonian Arts Warrioress. I came out of the session feeling incredibly inspired and empowered, with a whole lot of clarity around myself, my relationships, my life and highest purpose. Jeanette worked with me to elucidate my entire life in great detail and provided such clarity about the experiences I have had to date. She described to me the qualities, strengths and characteristics that I have in unambiguous ways – unique things, many of which only those closest to me would know (and I imagined would laugh kindly and knowingly had they been in the session). This in itself was so unexpected. It was also very reassuring having someone I didn’t know articulate specific things about me and my life that I have felt but perhaps had not put words around. There were many ‘Aha’ moments in the session! What perhaps was most profound from the session was the clarity I received about my highest purpose and expression in life moving forward. Not only did I receive insights about my purpose, but I felt a significant increase in confidence in my ability to step powerfully into the world. I felt I could ‘back myself’ more congruently and experienced an upgrade in my belief in myself and also in the sense of being fully supported in my journey. I also came to understand where some of my challenges are (both internally and externally) and this has supported me to make more conscious and empowered decisions in my life. I came out of the session wanting to book all those in my inner circle in for a session with Jeanette! Months later, I still feel the solid knowingness of what I received in that session, and what has unfolded in my life since then has continued to reinforce and strengthen my resolve in walking my path with purpose and power. The Warrioress that became obvious at the end of the session felt very aligned – there were a number of the archetypes I resonated with, but after the session, my Warrioress came to life for me. I have begun to develop a conscious relationship with this archetype and have a strong resolve to reclaim and connect with my Warrioress. From my current vantage point, I can see how this energy relates to the different parts of my life and how the essential qualities of it support my highest purpose as I evolve. After more than 25 years learning and working with ‘alternative’ practices and therapies, and being a facilitator in this space, I feel the Amazonian Arts is an inspired vision that has the power to transform lives in sometimes ineffable but simultaneously, very grounded ways. If you have been drawn to this work and because you are reading these words, I encourage you to feel in deeply and take action as you feel to. I see this project as expanding exponentially to reach many, many people around the world as part of the collective awakening that is occurring at this time.

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