Amazonian Medicine Doll

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Is each Medicine Doll unique?

The Amazonian Medicine Doll will be created specifically for you as a powerful and supportive companion and Ally for your Amazonian Arts journey. This will be done in Sacred Ceremony and Ritual after meeting with you to connect (via a short phone, Skype or email exchange).

What is involved in the creation of my Medicine Doll?

I will go through various shamanic processes to connect with you, your Amazonian Warrioress, Her Allies, your guides, teachers, well and healed ancestors that come forth, Nature, the Directions and the Earth. I will then create your doll. These dolls are always a mystery to me. I fully trust and surrender to what I am guided to incorporate and bring forth into your Amazonian Medicine Doll. They are channeled from Spirit and the Earth and are the physical embodiment of the magick and medicine for you to manifest into the world through your Amazonian Arts journey. Examples of Medicine Dolls sacredly created by Melissa Jane. Price includes direct shipping.

Who is Melissa Jane?

“I am a Woman, Mother, Grandmother, Medicine Weaver, Creatress, Gardener, Craftswoman. I am deeply passionate about the healing and restorative capacity of Craft. I began making dolls over twenty years ago in alignment with Anthroposophical Indications of Rudolf Steiner’s spiritual philosophy. It became apparent to me that there was much more here than the physical creation of a play thing for my children. These dolls would take on a life of their own before my eyes; often with messages of healing and love for those they were being made for, and often incorporating elements from nature. Over the years I have explored many modalities of making dolls incorporating all I have learnt along the way: reiki, permaculture, nature connection, shamanic practices, dying, felting, weaving, knitting, sewing etc. I use only materials from the natural world in all I create; sourced as locally, ethically and sustainably as possible. I believe that Craft and the Arts will play a major role in the transformation, healing and restoration of humanity to a whole, sustainable, balanced, kind and caring culture of love and reciprocity. I am so honoured, grateful and excited for the opportunity to be part of the weaving for the Amazonian Arts.”

1 review for Amazonian Medicine Doll

  1. Julie Fay Potts

    I am honored to have a Medicine Doll made by Melissae. This doll called me. I have been on a journey of soul retrieval and restoration in which Malikiah, my doll, has been instrumental in. Her soul is love, healing, and good health: all the things I needed. My soul retrieval journeys would not be possible without her, for she is my other world guide and my here world anchor. Any doll that is made with love and respect by Melissae will play an important loving roll in your life, which is something wonderfully beautiful. It is clear that Melissae listens to the call of each doll and their soul requirements, each doll is made with love, patience, and respect. They speak to her, and she honors their call which is vital to these Medicine Dolls. In turn they give to you all of their souls to assist you in your many journeys throughout this life. xox

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