Express your Priestess

How do I Express my Priestess?

By clicking on the button below you will be taken to the Amazonian Arts Redbubble page where you can purchase products that you use in your every day life featuring the Virgo Warrioress: Priestess! There are two different designs to choose from and an eclectic range of products. When you land on the Redbubble page simply click on the design you like and scroll down until you see the link with all the products and click to explore! From journals to clothing, pillows to clocks and travel mugs: wear or position your Priestess in places she can speak to you and invite you into her power-filled presence ...

The Priestess steps through the portal first ...

The 13 Warrioresses are finding their forms through the exquisite artistry of the Artisan Clan Mother, Katiuska Cruz. The Priestess is the first to be revealed and SHE has told us that this is the way it was meant to be. For she is needed first to assist us in 're-knitting the broken circle'. This is the sacred container that once held us together that was shattered in the reign of the patriarchy. When we each reclaim our true worth; our self-worth, we will repair and once again re-member this sacred vessel of the feminine.

The images as yantras

Like the mystical diagrams of the tantric traditions in India known as yantras, the Priestess image invites you deeper into the parts within yourself that resonate with this Warrioress. Rich with symbols and the medicine of the Allies, meditate upon this image to enter into the sacred dimensions with the Priestess.


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