Healing with your Plant Spirit Ally


Plants & your Plant Spirit Ally

There are thousands of plants species on this planet and more are being discovered all the time. We rely on plants for the air we breathe, the food we eat and the medicines that heal. However, plants are much more than their chemical constituents; they are the very essence of life-force. They have always held the key to evolution on this planet. Each plant has a unique signature and essence; a unique healing capacity. As part of my work with the Plant Spirit Realm and the Amazonian Arts, I have called forth the Plant Spirits who wish to work with the women who will one day bring this legacy and work to fruition. I began by calling forth each Plant Spirit Ally who represents each Warrioress. Then I called forth the Matron Plant for the entire Amazonian Arts program, and Myrrh came to me.

Myrrh speaks ...

“I am here to help heal the loyal soldiers who have armed you from within. I do this so you can become the fierce feminine that the human world so desperately needs.” 

It is possible also that the Mother Myrrh may also wish to communicate with particular women or all women as this work unfolds. This communication may require its own reading/healing or she may be able to speak within your archetypal reading. I ask that you stay open with me within this process so that we may honour these incredible plant beings who are gifting us so much.

What occurs in a Healing session with your Plant Spirit Ally?

Each Healing with your Plant Spirit Ally provides you with a voice recording of the medicine that your particular Plant Spirit Ally has for you. It also includes a healing transmission specifically for you. For even with the same plant, the medicine is different for every woman. This is because we are all within different cycles and journeys as we walk this path together. Hence, what one woman receives will never be the same as another. Your reading will also include a written transcript of the collective medicine of your Plant Spirit Ally. The voice recordings are offered remotely and take you on a journey to merge with your Plant Spirit Ally so that you can begin to embody this Medicine in your life. The recording finishes with me giving you practical steps on how you can begin to develop relationship with your own Plant Spirit Ally.

Who is Amanda Jayne Fisher?

“I desire to experience life in all its glory, to die knowing that I have truly lived. I long for a world where humans do not fear to travel to their greatest depths; a world where we all live as our most authentic selves. I long for a world where my heart and your heart, and the heart beat of mother earth herself, aligns in love and in wisdom. So that we may live in a way where that love and wisdom gently influence our ‘being’ and our ‘doing’. Living this way means that my children’s children can one day still smell the sweet scent of a rose; still hear the call of a black cockatoo; still see a rainbow after a sudden downpour of rain.

My mission from the plants is to guide those who have forgotten the way to once again hear the plant’s songs. To once again feel the wisdom of plants. To once again dance this dance of life with the greatest partner we will ever have: the natural world.

Why do I call myself a Plant Medicine Witch?

I heal, I feel, and I work with plants; and at a different time in a different place that would have made me a witch. 

When the burning happened, women who were intuitive, women who knew how to heal, and women who desired sovereignty, had to stay in the dark. They had to meet in secret and they had to lead a pretend life. A life without safety and a life that was expected of them. Today I refer to myself as a witch knowing it may make people uncomfortable. I choose to do this because I have healed the wounded memories of the healers that have come before me, and I do this for all the healers who still live in unsafe places in the world. I have learnt that some of my greatest magick comes from those deep places within me that I have often been afraid to look.

Are you willing to look at your own? To meet your own magick within? Come, let me introduce you to your Plant Medicine …”  

"Another world is not only possible; she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing." 

Arundhati Roy

You can find out more about Amanda and her work here.


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