The Priestess Warrioress Profile


The Profile for the Priestess Warrioress is your map to explore what is written in the stars for you. Full of rich and juicy offerings, your Profile will provision you with all you need to begin your adventure! Have you heard the fierce call of the feminine from the Priestess Warrioress? Will you step forward to embark on this journey with She who longs to claim you to her Lineage? Are you ready to see what it is that She wishes to show you?

How does it work?
This Profile takes you on a deep journey into the Priestess Warrioress Lineage. It shares her-story and how she weaves her magick with her Allies. Within is guidance and suggestions for ways in which you can deepen your relationship to the fierce feminine. There is also information about the live-in program offered where you can foster relationship with the Priestess. Begin the journey here of embodying the fierce feminine in your own unique and powerful expression of Her.

Details on the Priestess Warrioress Profile

The Profile for the Priestess Warrioress tells a tale of how the Priestess and her Allies are woven together. These relationships are detailed in the Chart of Correspondences. (Sign up in the footer of any page to receive yours for free!). Within the Profile are ways to engage these familiars, and stepping stones along the power-filled path of your Warrioress. You will be guided to address fears that may be limiting you. Strengths that you may not have yet fully tapped nor be fully conscious of are also to be revealed. This is what the Priestess Warrioress fiercely yearns to show you.

Your Mission
The bones of your Mission as a Priestess Warrioress are given to you in the Profile. Your work is to flesh them out in your own unique expression of this Warrioress. Your contribution within the Clan of the Priestess is what will bring about the Great Reclamation. This speaks to the sum total work of each Clan. For each Clan is to reclaim and re-member their wholesome and healed facet. And each facet is one of the 13 faces of the sacred feminine diamond. May the tonics within this Profile strengthen your resolve to work alongside your Priestess sisters. May you embody the power of the Priestess Warrioress and take your place in this Lineage of the fierce feminine.

The Short Story for the Priestess Warrioress
I am born of the constellation Virgo and I am a Virgin in the truest sense of the word; for I am whole unto myself and I belong to no man. As the Virgin, I may enact ritual sexuality as religious devotion for I understand that my sexuality is sacred. Out of balance I become attached to ideas of perfection and purity, transforming these qualities I possess from my greatest strength into my greatest weakness as I battle against all expressions of chaos in my life. Thus I must guard against attachment to high standards that lead to criticism of self and other. I am called the Shining One for I am in spiritual service to the sacred flame: the divine spark within each of us. Ritual and Ceremony are a pivotal part of my daily life.


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