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Pathway to the Amazonian Arts

A delicious taster!

Explore the Amazonian Arts and meet the 13 Warrioresses that will take you on a journey well beyond these times.


The Way of the Warrioress | Pathway Experience:

All of our pathways walk each woman through a journey from shadow to strength and into deeper self-awareness by offering rich experiences, including:

  • Drum journeys
  • Deep journalling
  • Plant meditation
  • Astrological alignments
  • Story telling through mythology and magick

Our FREE course offers you a taste of some of the delights you will experience in our Warrioress Pathways. 

Most importantly, this course provides you with a deep understanding of how the Amazonian Arts heralds a New Story, and whether this vision speaks to your own Soul-Song, calling you to join us.


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What People Are Saying:

The first word that comes to mind to describe the Pathway Journey is inspiring or perhaps igniting. The imagery is just beautiful and the content, rich, varied and leads you into self reflection in such an evocative way. I really love the astrological insights. While journaling some of the questions, I went back in time to moments in my life I had totally forgotten about that held secrets I needed to unravel the next layer. I discovered how much wisdom can be gleaned through the symbolism within fairy tales and the trance state induced by drum journeys. Thank you for this wonderful offering!

Elvina Munir | Alchemist

Jeanette’s astrology reading gave me insights into my life patterns that I had not realised were there but had of course experienced throughout my life. I had lots of light bulb moments when my challenges and skills were pointed out to me. The reading provided me with clarity and direction. At the end to then receive the gift of the feminine archetype felt like such a blessing. I am looking forward to getting my profile and exploring further the gifts she has to offer me through getting to know her better.

Lisa Smith | Huntress

My experience having an Astrology Reading with Jeanette was simply extraordinary. I came out of the session feeling incredibly inspired and empowered, with a whole lot of clarity around myself, my relationships, my life and highest purpose and the Warrioress that became obvious at the end of the session felt very aligned. After more than 25 years learning and working with ‘alternative’ therapies, and being a facilitator in this space, I feel the Amazonian Arts is an inspired vision that has the power to transform lives in sometimes ineffable but simultaneously, very grounded ways. If you have been drawn to this work and because you are reading these words, I encourage you to feel in deeply and take action as you feel to.

Bec Passey | Medicine Woman

Journeying the Pathways of the Amazonian Arts has been a deep experience of self-gnosis and transformation. You are invited and freely guided with empathy to courageously face your fears and shadows, and discover and empower your most beautiful shining light. Thank you for this beautiful offering.

Eve Oak | Medicine Woman