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13 Hosted Pathways Warrioress Journey

Journey all 13 Pathways to become an Amazonian Arts Warrioress and take your place in your Clan and the Greater Vision.


BUNDLE includes:

  • Pathway to the Amazonian Arts (BONUS)
  • Pathway to the Merciful One
  • Pathway to the Alchemist
  • Pathway to the Protectress
  • Pathway to the Priestess
  • Pathway to the Artisan
  • Pathway to the Banshee
  • Pathway to the Messenger
  • Pathway to the Archeress
  • Pathway to the Huntress
  • Pathway to the Lore Keeper
  • Pathway to the Wilding
  • Pathway to the Warrior Queen
  • Pathway to the Medicine Woman

Total Value: $2,886 AUD 

Total Bundle Price: $999 AUD


The Way of the Warrioress | Hosted Pathway Experience:

Over 24 lessons, each individual pathway walks a woman through a journey from shadow to strength and into deeper self-awareness by offering rich experiences, including:

  • Drum journeys
  • Deep journalling
  • Plant meditation
  • Astrological alignments
  • Story telling through mythology and magick

Duration: We walk with you over 18 months as we take small, sure-footed steps alongside you through all of the 13 Warrioresses. Joining whenever you feel ready to begin. This hosted journey has been lovingly designed and structured to allow you to fully immerse and embody each of the Warrioress' in a guided and supported way.

Structure: The course format includes visual, audio and written content. We have also made the full course downloadable as a pdf if you would prefer to work offline. You will also be invited to our private and exclusive Facebook Group for weekly videos, question sessions and inclusion in a beautiful online supportive community of like-minded sisters.

Example of Course Content



By the end of this course, we deeply feel you will have:

  • Uncovered the ancestral bones of long-lost parts of yourself as you bring to consciousness strengths you have fostered from long ago 
  • Received deep personal insights and womb-wisdom from the 13 Grandmothers who are the ancient matriarchal lineage holders 
  • Intimately danced with the Warrioress who has your back in the sacred work you have come here to share with the world 
  • Deepened your intuition and fostered intimate relationship with your Allies such that you can call on them for support in your daily life 
  • Cultivated your ability to powerfully express all 13 facets of the sacred feminine 
  • Understood the relationships in your natal chart between these 13 archetypes and ways to work with them to awaken your personal power 
  • Developed your interpersonal skills as you learn to see the gifts that people from all walks of life carry 
  • Moved beyond the old paradigm of competition and into the new dimension of consciousness where we awaken to the ancient ways once again of sisters supporting each other 
  • Understood which shadows are simply inversions of which strengths and have practiced their transformation 
  • An ability to see the strengths underneath the shadows and support the transformation in others 
  • Practiced ritual and magick to bring yourself into deep alignment with your power and ability to womanifest your work in the world and express your deepest truths 
  • Know yourself as a self-sovereign woman and shine this light into all your relationships 
  • Have deeply experienced the shamanic way, which means to live a conscious life deeply immersed in sacred connection with all of creation 


Certification as an Amazonian Arts Warrioress

In completing all 13 pathways, you will receive a certificate as an Amazonian Arts Warrioress and be invited to join this initiated group of sisters for deeper connection and community.


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What People Are Saying:

The Amazonian Arts has opened a portal to the forgotten pieces of my blueprint. The bones of each of the 13 archetypes has allowed me to connect to the powers of my ancestors and the calling of my soul. I feel blessed to have found access to these deep rooted lineages, to be able to reclaim my own power through my warrioress, the Warrior Queen, reflect on my own shadows and be truly ‘seen’ by sisters in circle. I have found the Amazonian Arts tribe to be real, raw, passionate, blissfully creative and deeply honouring of the forgotten stories of the womb.

Brony M | Warrior Queen

The first word that comes to mind to describe the Pathway Journey is inspiring or perhaps igniting. The imagery is just beautiful and the content, rich, varied and leads you into self reflection in such an evocative way. I really love the astrological insights. While journaling some of the questions, I went back in time to moments in my life I had totally forgotten about that held secrets I needed to unravel the next layer. I discovered how much wisdom can be gleaned through the symbolism within fairy tales and the trance state induced by drum journeys. Thank you for this wonderful offering!

Elvina Munir | Alchemist

Journeying the Pathways of the Amazonian Arts has been a deep experience of self-gnosis and transformation. You are invited and freely guided with empathy to courageously face your fears and shadows, and discover and empower your most beautiful shining light. Thank you for this beautiful offering.

Eve Oak | Medicine Woman