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Discover Your Warrioress

Discover Your Warrioress

She only awaits your invitation ...

We each come into this life with challenges to face so that we may grow and evolve. Our personal Warrioress is here to support us in facing those challenges so that we may uncover and reclaim the strengths that lie beneath the shadows and 'real-eyes' our full potential. To embark upon this fierce feminine journey is to consciously choose a New Story for humanity and all our relations. 

How Do You Know Which Warrioress Is For You?

More than one of the Warrioress archetypes may speak to you and that is because we are ultimately all 13. However, there is one that will align most deeply with what you are here to be and do in the world when a fierce feminine lens is placed over your natal chart. These predestined placements are balanced with a series of questions that you are invited to intuitively answer. Together this will bring her through: the Warrioress who will walk by your side in these times of great crisis and opportunity. 


How Does Your Warrioress Show Up? 

Your Warrioress helps you remember your own superpowers. She is unapologetic for shining her strengths and is a guide and way-shower so that each of us can once again pick up the scent and track our way back to our whole self. 

Healed, present and all-powerful.


What Happens After You Discover Your Warrioress?

Once your Warrioress has stepped forward, you can choose to journey solo with her 4-week online course or you may wish to open into our 13 Warrioress Journey and see how your Warrioress weaves her magick alongside all of her sisters. 


Discover Your Warrioress - Online Questionnaire

$42 AUD

Our Warrioress Profiling Tool guides you to:

  • Answer 42 unique questions
  • Locate your fierce feminine asteriod placements from your specific Natal Chart Summary (provided upon purchase)
  • Feel into your intuition
  • Answer from the heart

to carefully determine the Warrioress archetype that will support you to fulfil your soul-work in the world.


An invitation from our Vision Mother, Akhalita

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Meet the Warrioresses

Each Warrioress is teamed with sacred tools and allies to support your journey of awakening. Take her online course to open into her world of wisdom and wealth.


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The Merciful One Warrioress Artwork

Merciful One

I am born of the constellation Pisces and I carry no weapon. Do not think me undefended though, for in my presence people often experience a profound empathy such that they find themselves entirely disarmed. That is when I am in my power.

The Protectress Warrioress Artwork


I am born of the constellation Cancer and I am the Fierce Mother. My greatest fears are rejection and abandonment however, in my power I have the deepest of reverence and respect for the inherent value of life for I am a passionate guardian of the sacred.

The Alchemist Warrioress Artwork


I am born from the constellation Capricorn and I stand steadfast in my conviction as I climb to the greatest heights. Although I fear losing control and having my insecurities exposed, my greatest fear, often unknown even to me, is living a life out of contact with the spiritual dimensions.


The Merciful One Warrioress Artwork


I am born of the constellation Aquarius and you will find me at the fringes of my tribe, for I dance to the beat of my own drum. I have come to shake up what no longer serves: what has become entrenched and stagnant, for my medicine is to liberate people from their own stuck prisons of perception.

The Warrior Queen Warrioress Artwork

Warrior Queen

I am born of the constellation Leo and I lead the way of self-sovereignty for the Amazonian Warrioresses. I am here to face the fears that prevent me from authentically stepping into the light to shine my gifts bright: for it is the power of my own light and not the darkness that scares me.

The Artisan Warrioress Artwork


I am born of the constellation Taurus and I am known to many as the pleasure-seeker. The sensory world is my playground and I revel in the tangible and earthly beauty of the physical without shame nor apology. In my power, my wild abandon and beauty is a force to be reckoned with.

The Banshee Warrioress Artwork


I am born from the constellation Scorpio and I am in direct contact with the underbelly of life. With my psychic sensitivities I see what others do not see, and I am drawn without choice to the intense and powerful places where I often work with death and trauma, taboos and the improper use of power.

The Priestess Warrioress Artwork


I am born of the constellation Virgo and I am a Virgin in the truest sense of the word; for I am whole unto myself and I belong to no man. I am a passionate advocate of the reclamation of Sacred Sexuality and Ritual and Ceremony are a pivotal part of my daily life.

The Huntress Warrioress Artwork


I am born of the constellation Aries and I am the Warrioress who, with a fierce focus, has honed her senses so sharply that she picks up and tracks even the subtlest of scents. In my power, I remind women of their innate courage and to act instinctually and follow their own way.

The Determinatress Warrioress Artwork

Lore Keeper

I am born of the constellation Libra and I am She who Weighs the Truth. By many I am seen as balanced and impartial for I am a deep listener and easily relate to people from all walks of life. I am also passionate about social justice and a return to the natural order of things.

The Medicine Woman Warrioress Artwork


I am born of the constellation Gemini and I am quick-witted, curious and adept in all forms of communication. Out of balance I live only in the intellect and get caught up in my ability to wield the best deal, as opposed to choose what serves my soul and the souls of all my relations.

The Determinatress Warrioress Artwork


I am born from the constellation Sagittarius and my medicine is that of the seeker. I am the gypsy traveller who quests for truth at the horizons of our collective consciousness in order to bring back these pearls of wisdom for the benefit of myself and all my relations.


The Determinatress Warrioress Artwork

Medicine Woman

I am born from the constellation Ophiuchus, who many of you will not know, for I have long been cast out, rejected and denied. My greatest fear is that I will relive out the traumas in a poisoned and powerless life. I herald the return of the uninvited woman, and with her the bridge to unity consciousness.


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