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Shadows & the Tsunami of Love

Welcome to 2024. A fresh new year full of hope and positive intentions, or so we thought on Dec 31, 2023. With ongoing tragedy in the Middle East and Ukraine, a 7.6 grade earthquake in Japan, floods and severe storms in Europe and Australia, eco systems in breakdown, as well as unexpected challenges in my own family, it seems 2024 continues to be another year of major upheaval. Life on Mother Earth is so far from peaceful and balanced, and as her children, humanity is being pushed to the brink. The message seems to be, “awaken or perish”.


Cosmic Weather ...

According to Pam Gregory’s astrological predictions for Jan 2024, there are plenty of chaotic transits and challenging aspects happening between some of the big players, like Pluto (Banshee), Uranus (Wildling), Mars, god of war (Huntress) and Eris, dwarf planet of discord and strife. So be prepared for more wild purging and transformational chaos as the old patriarchal power structures crumble, which, quite honestly, needs to happen before anything of Beauty can hope to take its place.


The Time is Now ...

The Time is Now and the Way of the Spiritual Warriors/esses is nigh. This time in history has been predicted by many ancient cultures, (notably the Mayans and Hopi) and so many brave souls have chosen to be born onto this planet for this great, although turbulent, event. The more we connect to our soul tribe and do our inner work, healing our own shadows, letting go of old heavy patterns and choosing gratitude, love and joy, the more we contribute to the creation of a coherent and peaceful collective consciousness. It’s time to go deeper..... But how do we do this????


Shadow Work

Become aware of all the man made distractions and addictive traps that modern life offers and that seem so alluring. How much more time would you have each day if you let some of these go? Our consciousness is super powerful but the online world and pharmaceutical industry are conspiring to control it, much like the Matrix. Switch off the TV or computer and do a digital and physical detox occasionally. Spend some time alone, in quiet contemplation. What are your blocks and triggers? What makes you uncomfortable, fearful, angry, and why? Dive a little deeper and see how these feelings you have pushed away continue to control parts of your life or stop you from being truly free.

Are you a person of infinite self esteem? If not, ask yourself why not? Your higher Self knows the answers. Become aware of the limiting belief systems that were programmed into you as a young person and gradually challenge yourself to let go of them, by doing adventurous and courageous acts, however small. Can you sense the difference in your energy field between sitting in front of a screen or while taking a walk in nature? How many hours of each do you do daily? Is this in balance? Do you have a simple meditation practice, a nature sit spot or spend time each day feeling gratitude for life? It is the best antidote for feeling a sense of lack, anxiety or self pity, and it raises your vibration and mood exponentially.


Co-creating the Tsunami of Love

Co-creating a tsunami of love with our global soul family will not only make riding the inevitable waves of change easier, but it will expand our own hearts and consciousness, ushering the Beauty Way into your own life and the world.

And as Rumi so beautifully puts it:


Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It

will not lead you astray.


By Elvina,

Clan Mother of the Alchemist

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