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13 Warrioress
Shamanic Journey 

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the complete hosted online 13 Pathways begins April 2023

The Amazonian Arts is offering a new 18-month hosted journey for
women beginning in April 2023.


We have a selection of pathway options available for solo, a hosted online journey, and a complete package that combines the hosted journey with physical gatherings near Dorrigo, NSW.

available pathways

Solo Journeys


Let the magick begin.

Journey Solo on a pathway of healing and awakening with one Warrioress or take the Complete Journey with all Thirteen and initiate as an Amazonian Warrioress!

Across 24 lessons, each pathway guides women through a journey from shadow to strength and into deeper self-awareness. Join us for experiences including:

  • Drum journeys
  • Deep journalling
  • Plant meditation
  • Story telling through mythology and magick
  • Connecting to the Ancestral Bones
  • Ritual & Ceremony Practices
  • Mythology & Fairytales
  • Shadow & Light work
  • Astrological Insights

Hosted Journeys


Immerse yourself in the magick.

Share the complete online experience of empowerment with your sisters. Journey all Thirteen Warrioress archetypes and initiate as an Amazonian Warrioress!

The 'hosted' journey allows you to complete the 13 Pathways Journey, bringing you everything from the solo journey and additionally:

  • Lifetime access to a private group with video shares and insights from our Vision Weavers and Clan Mothers who will be journeying the work in real-time alongside you.
  • Discussion forum and Q&A opportunities each week with the leadership team.
  • A sisterhood of women journeying the work with you who you will share the experience alongside.



Choose One Warrioress




All 13 Warrioresses




All 13 Warrioresses


13 Warrioress Shamanic Journey


Upgrade your journey to include all 13 Warrioresses and physical circle gatherings

Full access to hosted online journey,
in-person warrioress circles and support
April 2023- Nov 2024

Dorrigo, Northern Tablelands, New South Wales 

*limited numbers


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Journeying Solo gives you the flexibility of working online with the Warrioresses' as and when you can. You may start whenever you feel ready to begin.

Choose a single Warrioress to journey with, or dive into working with all 13.

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We begin our hosted journey in April 2023 and guide you through the 13 Warrioresses with an online forum and support group.

There is also the option of including our delicious offering of physical gatherings.

Hosted Journeys