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13 Warrioress Shamanic Journey

a sensually rich guided journey through the 13 Warrioress Archetypes

Your journey begins here

• Drum Journeying
• Creativity & Artistry
• Sacred Sounds, Songs, and Chants
• Ritual & Ceremony Practices
• Connecting to the Ancestral Bones
• Mythology & Fairy-tales
• Shadow & Light work
• Plant Meditations
• Deep Journaling
• Astrological Insights
• Online Sisterhood Community
• Lifetime Access
• Physical Circle Gatherings
• Beverages, breakfasts, sumptuous snacks, and Accommodation


Fully hosted and guided 13 Pathways Online Course with lifetime access to the 13 Pathways and Online Group

Seven Warrioress Circle, Polarity-Pair face-to-face Immersion Gatherings with the Clan Mothers & Vision Weavers

Discovery of your Warrioress and which of 13 Clans you belong to at this time.

A supportive online space for the entirety of the shamanic journey with weekly videos and question sessions

18 months of Divine Enrichment

We began in April 2023 and we are are exploring two Warrioresses each quarter. This is done through the online course work with weekly lessons our exclusive Facebook group and monthly Zoom calls.

Through the third month, we meet in the physical realm and delve 
more deeply to explore the two Warrioress archetypes over the day: the polarity pair. Half the day is devoted to each Warrioress.

At all times you are held and supported with additional practice suggestions and support from the group.

Our next Shamanic Journey intake is likely to be sometime in 2025. But, you can register your interest today.

In the meantime, if you would like to join our online journey through the 13 Warrioresses, these journeys are available to you at all times.

Hosted Journey

The 13 Warrioresses

The Medicine Woman

We finish our 13 Warrioress with the Medicine Woman in October 2024

Are you ready?

join our 13 Warrioress shamanic journey
in the Northern Tablelands near Dorrigo NSW

Before any investment commitment is required, let's connect to make sure this journey is in alignment for you at this time. Just fill in your name and email here to receive detailed information on this program including our registration form. If it's a 'yes' your end, simply fill in the registration form and we'll be in touch!

Our next Shamanic Journey intake will be for 2025. You can still register your interest today.

connect with us

we look forward to connecting with you

By the end of this journey we deeply feel you will have;

  • Uncovered the ancestral bones of long-lost parts of yourself as you bring to consciousness strengths you have fostered from long ago 
  • Received deep personal insights and womb-wisdom from the 13 Grandmothers who are the ancient matriarchal lineage holders 
  • Intimately danced with the Warrioress who has your back in the sacred work you have come here to share with the world 
  • Deepened your intuition and fostered intimate relationship with your Allies such that you can call on them for support in your daily life 
  • Cultivated your ability to powerfully express all 13 facets of the sacred feminine 
  • Understood the relationships in your natal chart between these 13 archetypes and ways to work with them to awaken your personal power 
  • Developed your interpersonal skills as you learn to see the gifts that people from all walks of life carry 
  • Moved beyond the old paradigm of competition and into the new dimension of consciousness where we awaken to the ancient ways once again of sisters supporting each other 
  • Understood which shadows are simply inversions of which strengths and have practiced their transformation 
  • An ability to see the strengths underneath the shadows and support the transformation in others 
  • Practiced ritual and magick to bring yourself into deep alignment with your power and ability to womanifest your work in the world and express your deepest truths 
  • Know yourself as a self-sovereign woman and shine this light into all your relationships 
  • Have deeply experienced the shamanic way, which means to live a conscious life deeply immersed in sacred connection with all of creation 

In completing all 13 pathways, you will receive a certificate as an Amazonian Arts Warrioress and be invited to join this initiated group of sisters for deeper connection and community.

Journey Details

Investment of this journey is $2222 and we have a number of payment pathways available to you. This investment includes all online course materials, the discovery of your own Warrioress Archetype, seven powerful physical gatherings, two nights dinner and accommodation (the introductory gathering and our final circle gathering weekends), light snacks and refreshments. 

We trust that the signs and omens will speak to you should this offering be of deep service to your soul work at this time in the world.

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Walk the New Story with us. 

Join our community of men, women and children as we move into a new way of living.