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Meet the Vision Weavers

Our collective web of weavers bringing forth this new story. 

Corrie Wade | Vision Father

 Akhalita Makoto

Amazonian Arts (AMA) Vision Mother & SSW Graduate

I am passionate about reclaiming the sacred depths of what it is to be human. I believe a profound shift in consciousness, and therefore healing, is possible in these times of great crisis. The Amazonian Arts offers us a New Story of renewal from the Ancient Ways.

I bring my background of aikido, writing and shiatsu, and I walk side-by-side with the Leo Warrior Queen, ever asking: who is leading the leader? The answer keeps me questing for ever deeper levels of authenticity that require absolute vulnerability. This is the Way of the Warrior/ess.

From Vision Quest to Living Vision

In my bones I know that the seeds of the vision that is the Amazonian Arts (AMA) were planted long ago, long before this time. Yet this story begins when I first became aware of these seeds… It was in a pivotal moment in my early twenties while contemplating the Blue Beard story from Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. In that moment it was as if the veil dropped, and I saw the patriarchy that I was enmeshed in with clear vision. However, it wasn’t until I undertook my 4 Seasons Journey with the School of Shamanic Womancraft in my thirties that all the threads that I had been pulling together began to form the tapestry that is now the AMA…

My Vision Quest took place in 2017 at Mt Seaview in southern NSW during a 10-day journey with the largest group of women the school had ever taken before. The elementals were intense. A fire that had just gone through the area meant that many of us, including myself, ended up doing our solo time on smoking ground, sitting in the ashes. An intensely powerful part of my journey was on the second night when by my fire in the tiniest of circles because of the slope of the land, I realised I was surrounded by a fierce army of bull-ants. They formed a perfect circle and came so close in that I too had to stand. Yet none harmed me, and none where to be found outside in the ash surrounding this little space. That Vision Quest I journeyed deep with Ant, whose medicine is 'Strength' and is perfectly embodied in the Leo Warrior Queen archetype I would later be aligned with as my Warrioress with the AMA.

It wasn’t until many moons later, at another gathering with Jane called Autumn Woman, Harvest Queen that I heard the name Amazonian Arts. It was one of the streams that the Midwives back at basecamp during our solo time had received as a vision of second year for the SSW. There were other names too, but that name spoke to the earlier threads I had already gathered and when I enthusiastically asked Jane after the gathering what it was, she just met my question with a piercing intensity and said, ‘Exactly. What is it?’ While it wasn’t the answer that I expected nor had hoped for, I felt a responsibility to answer that question and began in earnest to uncover the depths of what lay in that name and what had been received by the Midwives at basecamp. Since that day I have presented twice at SSW MerConferences to share offerings to date including some witchy play with Broomstick Martial Arts and the online set of 13 Pathways to explore the Way of the Warrioress. In July 2021 Jane endorsed this work to become a second year offering to the Mermaids (graduates) of the SSW.

Corrie Wade | Vision Father

Jane Hardwicke Collings

Founder of The School of Shamanic Womancraft (SSW)

I see myself as an Agent of the Goddess, and practically speaking that means my work in the world is informed by my commitment to work for the Earth, Mother Earth, and all her inhabitants.

And what that looks like is helping heal birth and traumatic birth experiences, helping women remember the importance of being connected to their body and their menstrual cycle, and to reclaim menopause from medicine. Basically, to reclaim feminine knowledge, wisdom and power through reconnection with the women’s mysteries.

Click on the link to discover more about the connection between the AMA & SSW. 

Brony Marshall

Shield Maiden Mother

My spirit name is White Willow and I am here to make change! I am passionate about supporting our youth to connect to their inner power. On my own path I have walked as a Paramedic delivering aid and support, I have stood inside the Educational system as a teacher, and I have stood on the fringes of that same system delivering much needed programs and offering reformation of current practices.

I have travelled the world and I have experienced deep healing. I am a Creative Spirit, sister of Gaia and Womb Keeper. My offering to our daughters is Love, Connection and Magick.

Robin Burbidge

Shield Master Father

I live to love, laugh, tell stories and play, weaving depth with my community and connecting with gratitude with my greatest teacher, Earth mother.

As a celebrant, I create and hold ceremonial space for life's rites of passage, including the journey from Boyhood into Manhood. I am passionate about this work as I believe rites of passage are vitally important in shaping us and our community in the best possible way.

I'm honoured to support the empowerment of our younger generation to connect with their authentic selves, the natural world and each other. To help remember the gift that is the responsibility of living a healed masculine, living from the heart.

Katiuska Cruz | Vision Artist

Katiuska Cruz

Artisan, Vision Artist

I am a jeweller, painter and graphic artist. As the Vision Artisan, I am creating the archetypal images of the 13 Warrioresses and the Overarching Allies.

Each month I sit with the Vision Mother and Gate-Keeper, deeply listening to what has been received about a specific Warrioress, and then begin the process of bringing HER through. This is, to put it lightly, a MOMENTOUS task full of magick, deep stories, spells, dedication and profound love.

Eve Oak | World Bridger

Eve Oak

Medicine Woman, World Bridger

I have been travelling many paths, within and without - a meandering nomad with no and many homes. I feel that rediscovering the beauty, passion and wildness in nature is an expression of our own inner being. It can be the bridge to reunite with our primordial, whole and sacred self – our blueprint for healing.

Deep in my bones I feel my life is coming full circle and I am excited to share my Soul-Song with the
Amazonian Arts, drawing deeply from my love and experience in holistic bodywork, nature connection and archetypal wilderness skills. Together we will manifest the Wild Embodiment of your Warrioresses.

Elvina Munir | Sound Weaver

Elvina Munir

Alchemist, Sound Elf

Elvina means little elf in the Celtic tradition and sacred instrument in Sanskrit, and true to my name I am a musician and sound healer, a lover of the Earth and her elementals and dwell in a magical cottage named "Lothlorien" in an ancient mossy forest. Sound contains life force and consciousness as it is the basic creational force of the Universe and one of the simplest and most powerful tools for transformation. The use of sound in ritual and healing which is amplified by the intention of the practitioner. enables listeners to drop into deeper states of consciousness and bliss, allowing non cathartic release of trauma and clearing of stagnant energy. I feel deeply honoured to share my music in Circle with my sisters. AMA’s vision speaks to my soul and I feel moved to support this birthing for the highest good of Gaia and all Beings.

Drumming and background music in the Pathways is credited to Elvina Munir.

Erika Syrjanen | Hearth Keeper

Erika Eve

Alchemist, Hearth Keeper & SSW Graduate

I create the alchemical containers in which the dross is burnt away so that the pure form beneath is revealed ... As an Alchemist, it is my task and privilege to restore the sacred symbols this way. The first form for the AMA is that of the Unicorn, who is the mythological equivalent to the literal steeds of the Amazons. I also create Crescent Moon Crowns and Spirit Animal Pendants. I find my nourishing healing place in the mountain waters near where the wild weeds grow; weeds that I collect and brew into healing concoctions in my cauldron. I am the Smith Witch.


The Greater Vision ...

The Amazonian Arts is the writing of a New Story through the ancient arts of mythology, astrology, ritual and attending to the earthly elements. This work has been founded on the inner knowing that, to restore balance and beauty once again on the earth, we need to collectively re-member and bring forth the qualities of the healed feminine, which will raise consciousness (also healing the masculine) and shift the current paradigm.


This New Story welcomes in all peoples of diverse backgrounds, sexualities and genders to join us on the journey through the doorway that speaks strongest to their own healing, for the Greater Vision takes us beyond labels and into a collective vision of the Beauty Way : the path of living in wholesome relationship with the earth and all her inhabitants once again.

Yet the story begins with women stepping up into positions of leadership as agents of the fierce feminine as is already taking place. For it has been foretold that the transformation of consciousness begins with the 13 Clan Mothers physically anchoring the ancient lineages of the Grandmothers on the earth (taking place now in Dorrigo, NSW Australia) before the greater body of work can be born.

This Greater Vision speaks to the creation of Pathways for Men (Vision Father), Boys (Father of the Shield Masters) and Girls (Mother of the Shield Maidens) and dances in and out of these labels to become the collective community that we are, deeply bowing to the diversity that we each bring because we see the strength in the difference. This is the work of the World Bridger who is taking us beyond the polarity and into a new paradigm. Already the Vision Weavers leading this work have stepped forward and you can read their bios under their pictures above. These men and women alike are each journeying the online 13 Warrioress Pathways to deeply put down their roots with the feminine before bringing their own work through that will be both online and offered in the physical.

Ultimately this work speaks to the healing between us all that unfolds with raising consciousness and for our children to be raised in alignment with rich and ancient treasured ways as we return to sacred relationship with our greater than human family.

Will you join us?  

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Corrie Wade | Vision Father

Amanda Jayne Fisher

Banshee, Plant Medicine Witch & SSW Graduate

I desire to experience life in all its glory and long for a world where humans do not fear to travel to their greatest depths; a world where we all live as our most authentic selves. 

My mission from the plants is to those who have forgotten the way to once again hear the plant’s songs; to once again feel the wisdom of plants; to once again dance this dance of life with the greatest partners we will ever have: the natural world.

I bring their calling as spirit allies to the Amazonian Arts.

Book a Plant Medicine Healing with me here.

Corrie Wade | Vision Father

Natasha Colchester

Wildling, SSW Graduate & SSW Year 3/3 Apprentice Teacher 4SJ

I am a cosmic soul, a child of this universe, a daughter of this beloved planet.

I feel that many (if not all) of the answers to our current questions can be sourced directly from nature and the robust ways of living with Mother Earth, as practiced by our ancestors and the ancestors of the lands on which we live.

My return-to-self journey has seen me rediscover (and embrace) my own highly sensitive nature, and my innate connection to the more-than-human world.

I am an alchemist, and love creating vibrational essences and tinctures as well as shamanic tools such as frame drums and rattles; all-ways seeking inspiration and direction from the natural world, and my own inner knowing. 

As an energy healer, kinesiologist, shamanic craftswoman (spiritual midwife), daughter, sister, friend, lover and (clan) mother I am consciously choosing in each moment to model the way back… to our innate (ancient) wisdom and deep connection to All-that-Is.

Discover my Black Unicorn Essence here.



Corrie Wade | Vision Father

Jeanette Jones

Merciful One, Astrologer

I am daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, herbalist, astrologer, healing channel, and yet as I edge closer to the cusp of my eldership, I realise this is not who I truly am. I see this as shedding the veils and returning to essence. And so, I begin again. I am an excavator of soul stories; through my work I am granted insight into the gold that is inherent in every being, the precious jewel of their unique self. And my service is to mirror back the value of that person and their journey, ‘reminding’ them of their purpose at this time of great awakening. 

The astrology that underpins the Amazonian Arts is credited to Jeanette Jones.