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A Sign ...

Rest for the Weary Wayward Warrioress ...

In a wave of excitement, I felt that a secret code, a sign was needed on the landing of this shop
for a Weary Wayward Warrioress, so she would know she was in the right place, and that rest and refreshment would be assured before continuing on the pilgrimage to lot 13 Yammacoona.


WHY I am creating a Gallery

I am creating a gallery on Hickory Street in Dorrigo. I’ve created a gallery like this before, so it feels like I should know exactly why I am doing this again. I am unpacking boxes of all this great stuff, the stuff that creates the feel, the atmosphere of the era, so that when I walk in, it makes me feel good. While unpacking, arranging, sorting, and cleaning I am listening to psychic and cosmic guide 'Gigi Young' on Manifestation (on YouTube). She tells me, 'Find your WHY. Your WHY is going to tell you WHY you want to get into a particular field. Refine your WHY. Your going to need your WHY to fall back on when the going gets tough.'

I have been wondering WHY... while I move and and set up... This space does feel like it’s about to make a slight shift even before it begins, which is exciting... Like an undercurrent of what is really going on here.. And it will be just for those with the eyes who can see ...


The Alchemist & her Sign!

I have now decided to name this space 'The Alchemist', being that I am a Metalsmith and working with the Alchemist Warrioress. Also the book 'The Alchemist', which I love, is such a beautiful story and powerful message.

I was preparing for a type of art piece on the facade, in the style of a clock, as Mark's work (my partner) and our collection 'fall' into the steampunk genre, but I feel this time I will guide this shop, with assistance, to where we want and what we need, and so the large circle/disc has already
morphed into an astrology wheel with the black unicorn central... 'A SIGN!'

This time for me feels like many things, but above all, a 'Great Unravelling ...' In Many ways, actually in all ways, it would have been easier if I never left Yammacoona. But I have been out on my heroine's journey and if there is one thing I know now, it is that I do know where I want to be.


My Call to Courage

In August 2019 I had in my mind a plan to move back to my shed at lot 12. To live in nature in this incredible place, in this incredible space of my creation ... But I discarded what I wanted as I felt it’s not just me to consider, which in doing so caused me so much grief. By June 2021, my Call To Courage (that each woman undertakes in the Amazonian Arts Women's Circles in Dorrigo where we have been anchoring the 13 Lineages with the Clan Mothers) consisted of tears... I did cry a lot last year. I was standing at the crossroads. The implications of my actions. So what to do Erika ?? What do you do when you have someone you care about, someone you love, someone who loves you, and you are able to assist them... Is it to my detriment? Is it Our Story?

I have just kept on the path to get us back to Dorrigo, and finding a way for both of us. We are in Dorrigo now, and a haven, a safe place has been created (thanks Russ, Alchemist of lot 13 Yammacoona).



Recently I am listening to Vivienne Westwood, who is in her 80’s now. With her then boyfriend, they were the creators of Punk. Vivienne is a long time activist on climate change and uses her fashion platform to express that. In one of her recent talks she said “WHAT ELSE CAN I DO! I have been banging on about this for years, I just feel like lying down until Teddy comes to get me (which she then lay down on the stage until Teddy came out to help her up. In her incredible high shoes!

It made me really think about the Found Object Sculptures that Mark has been making for years:

The Drone Slayer created to take out the drones that kill people.
The Chemtrailor created to clean the skies of chemtrails.
The View In designed for you to see inside yourself.
The ReProgrammer when you decide to clear the metal clutter.


And when I show people these sculptures, they laugh ... But really it’s very serious!


Expanding Gallery Ideas...

I was talking to the lovely Crone (who now lives at lot 12 Yammacoona) who sees so much value in my love of Op Shopping and the ability to find clothes for others. Drawn in by colours and fabrics and the
possibilities of alterations and repairs, she would like me to bring that aspect into this shop.

Also I love time spent around the darning table and the nourishing conversations while we are
repairing our beloved woollens and the beauty of really seeing the repairs. Another inspiring idea from our Crone is a late afternoon time slot for Story Time of mythology with our Dorrigo Wizard and storyteller.

It’s starting to sound quite a bit exciting ... what do you think ?


by Erika Eve


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