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Curiouser & Curiouser: Reflections of the Archeress Pathway

Uncategorized Sep 24, 2022

The Archeress Speaks ...

The Archeress spoke to me before I even knew who she was.

Her fortifying strengths of expanded awareness, curiousity and taking risks have in some way always been part of my make up.

At the beginning of 2021 I was in a highly stressful and highly intense job, doing something I had long lost my passion for. I was working seven days a week, sometimes up to 14 hours a day. And then one day I knew I had to remove myself from this. I resigned with no other job to go to. I set the intent that for whatever time I was not in paid employment I would spend healing my nervous system, looking for ways to know myself more deeply and embrace more of my shadow self. And there was a very clear knowing that I just needed to be more curious. This, I know now, was the Archeress whispering to me.


The Healing Journey

I spent my time on nature walks, attending healing workshops, reading books and listening to podcasts. One experience led onto the next, opening new insights and ways to heal. On my walks I would listen to podcasts, one being the School of Shamanic Womancraft.

After a couple of months I started another job but in time found that I was once again stressed and frustrated. This time I resigned with a more defined intent of focusing my energy on my womb massage and healing offerings and to create more space for my own business to grow.


Following the Signs & Omens

The same week that I resigned I was out for a walk listening to the next episode of the School of Shamanic Womancraft podcast. About 10 minutes into my walk, I lost internet connection and fell over a tree root injuring my wrist. It was a path I had walked many times before without incident. Lamenting myself for my obvious sabotage I entered into meditation the next day to gain some insights.

I was visited by Goddess Isis who said to me ‘you are of my lineage; it is time to step forth and claim this’. When I came out of the meditation I had an email from the Amazonian Arts Vision Mother, Akhalita, with an invitation to consider being the Clan Mother for the Archeress Lineage. After my initial thought of ‘Isis wasn’t an Amazonian’, my curiosity was piqued by the timing. On my walk the next day, recommencing the podcast of the day before, signs were again present when the episode featured Akhalita and her vision for the Amazonian Arts. It wasn’t until I completed the Introductory Pathway that I became aware of Goddess Isis as the Matron Goddess of the Amazonian Arts and with that my trust and faith in the signs deepening further.

My immediate resonance with the Archeress was in her deficient shadow imbalance- shooting her arrows off in all directions in an effort to know more but as a result scattered and unable to integrate her learnings and experiences. Mirroring my own tendencies of doing lots of courses and collecting qualifications but never grounding or integrating these; always thinking I don’t know enough and hoarding knowledge.


A Call to Courage

My Call to Courage and travelling to sit in circle with women I had not yet met (in this lifetime) was itself an expression of the Archeress through me. There is nothing she will not do to discover deeper truths; ever the risk taker. To be witnessed in my shame and guilt and then in my forgiveness of myself by women unknown (yet known) to me was deeply healing.

The gift of the Archeress for me is the realisation that there is an opportunity to balance the shadow to create a fulsome and integrated life- that I know enough and I am enough.


By Daniyela Rob

Clan Mother for the Archeress


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