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Unlearning our Children

From the Mother of the Shield Maidens, Brony Marshall

Programming our Children

Today in the west, most children are programmed and taught how to ‘be’ in the world. Our freedom of expression is inhibited by what society values, our fragmented educational systems and the expectations of those around us.  

If we drop the layers of ‘who we should be’, or ‘how we should express ourselves in the world’… what is left?

What are the values and beliefs that permeate and encircle the communities and community in which you live? What are they and when did you agree to them?


The Power of Unlearning

I wrote these words several years ago when I was connecting deeply to my youth and early adult years.


I am the shepherd of my herd

Lost in the roar of the city streets

A robotic human

Societies fear defeats


I am the custodian of the Earth

A slave to the supermarket aisle

An uneducated worker

The power of corporate denial


I am the moon worshipper

Stripping away my natural beauty

A broken woman

Attacked by the media’s idea of beauty


I am the creator of my child

Rocked to sleep by the static screen

A loving mother

Drugged by the marketing machine


I am the travelling gypsy

Educated by the tarot cards and self-help text

A free spirit

Rejected by Facebook now somewhat perplexed


I am the shamanic healer

Injecting health through a syringe of chemo

A heart of infinite love

Drowning in the worlds ego


Who am I

Beyond the control

Past the greed

On the path of self mastery


I am the creator of my reality

I step forward for the world to see

I honour my truth…..



The Amazonian Arts has allowed me to drop deeper into the forgotten stories and the lost skills that our ancestors once passed on. I have personally tapped into a deeper understanding of my birth print and have explored my shadows and strengths through my initiative process into the Warrior Queen and its clan.

I see that the inner magick of the thirteen archetypes are all alive within us, waiting to be opened and expressed!


Stepping into Motherhood

My journey, of re-connecting to self, has led me to this moment, where I am awakened as Mother of the Shield Maidens. As women, girls, sisters, womb keepers and ancient custodians of the holy grail we all hold the key to unlocking our own power and the power of the Earth on which we live. Yet, overtime our connection to nature, creativity and deep understanding of our body, mind, emotions, spirit and soul have been lost.

As the Mother of the Shield Maidens I am here to support our youth to deepen their understanding of self and connect to the mysteries and magick of nature.

It is time to allow our daughters to embody their imagination, strengths, passions and dreams.

The Blood Red Unicorn is calling…

Brony x

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