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Discover Your Warrioress

Go Deep with our 13 Warrioress Journey

The beginnings of soulful transformation...

When you walk the year long cycle with all 13 Warrioresses you uncover a full and enriching reward -  wholeness. Your sisters are there with you shining mirrors as you feel into all facets of strength and shadow.

By Completing this Course You Will Have ...

  • Deeply experienced the shamanic way, which means to live a conscious life deeply immersed in sacred connection with all of creation 
  • Deepened your intuition and interpersonal skills
  • Fostered intimate relationship with all 13 Warrioresses and their allies such that you can call on them for support in your daily life  
  • Received deep personal insights and womb-wisdom from the Warrioresses Grandmothers, who are the ancient matriarchal lineage holders 
  • Transformed shadows and understood which are simply inversions of strengths
  • Understand the astrological relationships to awaken your personal power 
  • Practiced ritual and magick to bring yourself into deep alignment with your power
  • Moved beyond the old paradigm of competition and into new consciousness where we are sisters supporting each other 
  • Know yourself as a self-sovereign woman and shine this light into all your relationships 
  • Uncovered the ancestral bones of long-lost parts of yourself

Sneak Peak of the Pathway of the Protectress

Our online courses are not only full of amazing content but beautifully designed for your sensual delight.


13 Warrioress Solo Journey - 1 Year Online Course

$444 AUD


  • 26 Drum Journeys (audio and video)

  • 13 Plant Medicine Healing Meditations (audio and video)

  • 13 Re-woven Goddess Tale Story Telling (audio)

  • Astrological Placements for all 13 Warrioresses and how they impact your life

  • Warrioress Allies and the power they hold for you to work with (eg. crystals, goddesses, plants, weapons, elements, spirit animals) 

  • Deep Journalling Practices

  • Experiential Activities specifically related to each Warrioress

  • Introductory Videos each week
  • Exclusive Community of Journey Women
  • Do at your own pace if you choose
  • Formats: Online or Printable Workbook Included

Meet some of our Clan Mothers who will be with you along the way

Each Warrioress has an appointed Clan Mother to support your journey and hold space for the power that is the ancient lineage.

What you will receive

Over 24 lessons, each individual pathway walks a woman through a journey from shadow to strength and into deeper self-awareness by offering rich experiences, including:

  • Drum journeys

  • Deep journalling

  • Plant meditation

  • Story telling through mythology and magick

  • Ritual & Ceremony Practices

  • Connecting to the Ancestral Bones

  • Mythology & Fairy-tales

  • Shadow & Light work

  • Astrological Insights


Duration: We recommend completing a pathway each month however this is only a guide and it can be taken at your own pace. Journeying in under a month is not recommendation for depth and transformation.

Structure: The course format includes visual, audio and written content however we have also made the full course downloadable as a pdf if you would prefer to work offline. 

Each Warrioress has a Polar Opposite

Find the relationship in opposition

Warrioress Polarity Wheel

Once you have discovered your Warrioress Profile through our online questionnaire you can find out who her 'polarity sister' is. Keeping the relationship between these two Warrioresses in mind can help you foster a more conscious connection with your own Warrioress. This is because the polarity sister (which is one of the 13 facets of the fierce feminine diamond within every woman) can hold the projection; the disowned; and the fears of the Warrioress you are working with. Look in a direct line across the circle from your own Warrioress. Who is your polarity sister?  

Solo 13 Warrioress Journey

$444 AUD

1 Year Online Course