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Alchemist New Moon: 13 January 2021

alchemist astrology banshee Jan 12, 2021
From our amazing Amazonian Arts Astrologer, Jeanette Jones

Lunation of Letting Go ... 

This first lunation of 2021 is a potent significator of the times ahead; with the new moon in Capricorn in tight relationship to Pluto, where Alchemist meets Banshee.

The Capricorn structures that hold the power in our world have been teetering for quite a while now, revealing their under belly of rot and distortion, and this process is set to accelerate. The Tower symbol from the Tarot deck is an evocative image that speaks to this lunar month. The banshee howl of Pluto alerts us to the immediate necessity to address all that is shadowed within us, will we continue to invest in this present (eroding) paradigm? Or will we ally with the death crone who reminds us that new life can only arise from the ashes of the old, born from the place of ‘letting go’.


Death and Rebirth

There is clearly a significant message occurring at this new moon; the dark moon ‘ending’ phase and the presence of Pluto, emphasising this theme of death/rebirth. Adding into the mix some fraught relationships between Uranus/Mars and Saturn/Jupiter and the stage is being set for radical conflict. There is a tremendous uprising of collective rage, exacerbated by the frustration of Covid restrictions and the sheer grief of a world in crisis.

The intensity of this moon's energy may increase our emotional sensitivity and reactivity, old issues may come up from the depths to be processed and released. Let them, this is all part of a purification process that we are all partaking of.

Alternatively, you may experience depressed emotions; heaviness or disconnection, feeling like it's all too hard. We need to remember to reach out to collectively support each other at this time of great change. Positively, the Capricorn archetype reminds us to stay grounded and resilient, garnering the courage to face our fears and be


Ask yourself these questions....

What old emotional pattern/compulsion do I still feel bound to, or imprisoned by?

What do I need to let go of in my life?

Yes folks, heavy times indeed, but alchemical magic is in the air, hone your senses and you just might catch a whiff of the beautiful emerging future.


Photo by Lucas Sankey on Unsplash

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