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The Magickal Power of Intention

Magic is faith in the as-yet-unmanifest. It is the invocation of the large, while praising the small. Magic is the redoubling of our vow when disappointment befalls us, a shoulder to the wheel of our intent.

Excerpt by Toko-pa Turner 


Look up at the Stars ...

The Ether that permeates the entire Cosmos is the infinite, unmanifest potential of creation, the plasma field within which literally anything is possible. Look up at the stars and know the immensity of this truth. Feel the Earth beneath our feet and the miracle of her life giving soils, rocks, plants and creatures, her flowing nourishing waters, the warmth and light of the sun and fire and the air we breath, so rich in life force. Look within our own bodies and sense the intelligence of the Universe at work within this Body/Soul Temple. 


Make Believe ...

Magick* is all around us in every moment. It is only our conditioning and the scientific filter of our culture that has belittled it to the realm of...

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Wildling New Moon: 12 February 2021

astrology wildling Feb 11, 2021
From Amazonian Arts Astrologer, Jeanette Jones

Wildling Transformation

Calling all those ‘new paradigm path finders’ to step forward please, with six planets and one asteroid in Aquarius at this new moon, the flavour is bold, inventive and future oriented.

Are you feeling the weight of mainstream heaviness and the relentlessness of media barrage? Open the door to Wildling energy and sense the possibilities of the ‘new’, awaiting birth. She is the significator of transformation; sniffing out the underbelly of our societal decay and alerting us to the need for change.


The Aftershock

Wildling/Aquarius energy can have a ‘shock’ affect; ripping away the fabric of our reality and waking us to greater potential and expanded consciousness. This feeling is not always comfortable as it challenges our complacency and known security structures.

At this moon you may be feeling restless and...

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The Egyptian Connection and the Number 13

astrology priestess Jan 13, 2021

From the Vision Mother, Akhalita Makoto

The Egyptian Emergence

Although a deep knowing of the bones of this project was established long ago, it was only in the last few years that the name Amazonian Arts was received, and only many moons post that time that both a Christian and Egyptian theme to this work began to inexorably emerge …

For a pancultural project, perhaps I should not have been surprised at these seemingly incongruent connections. Yet, even though I was, I decided to foster curiosity and follow the doors that were opening for the Amazonian Arts, as is the shamanic way…


The Priestess Speaks

It all began with the Priestess circle – the Virgo Warrioress. We were curious as to why it should begin with her because she does not represent any particular beginning point on the Zodiac wheel, but it was clear that she was to be first. And because of Covid and the large group we had, it ended up being the only circle we held for the clear...

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Alchemist New Moon: 13 January 2021

alchemist astrology banshee Jan 12, 2021
From our amazing Amazonian Arts Astrologer, Jeanette Jones

Lunation of Letting Go ... 

This first lunation of 2021 is a potent significator of the times ahead; with the new moon in Capricorn in tight relationship to Pluto, where Alchemist meets Banshee.

The Capricorn structures that hold the power in our world have been teetering for quite a while now, revealing their under belly of rot and distortion, and this process is set to accelerate. The Tower symbol from the Tarot deck is an evocative image that speaks to this lunar month. The banshee howl of Pluto alerts us to the immediate necessity to address all that is shadowed within us, will we continue to invest in this present (eroding) paradigm? Or will we ally with the death crone who reminds us that new life can only arise from the ashes of the old, born from the place of ‘letting go’.


Death and Rebirth

There is clearly a significant message occurring at this new moon; the dark moon ‘ending’...

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Archeress New Moon: December 2020

archeress astrology Dec 12, 2020
From our amazing Amazonian Arts Astrologer, Jeanette Jones

Deep Intuition into New Freedoms

A powerful new moon solar eclipse in Sagittarius evokes our yearning for freedom and a new vision. Our urge may be to aim arrows in many directions; anything to release us from perceived ‘stuckness’ and the recycling of our old story lines.

Hold your horses Miz Archeress! There is a greater calling announcing itself here, the need to listen deeply to the intuition for that is the place where your greater vision resides. One of your attributes is this connection with the higher mind, enabling you
to see the big picture: what could be ‘possible’. Just remember to tether the fiery impulse toward immediate action that is not thought through.


Rune Revelations

The wisdom of the rune stones reminds us "do not attempt to go beyond where you have not yet begun”. Because eclipses are closely tied in...

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Banshee New Moon: November 2020

astrology banshee new moon Nov 11, 2020
From our amazing Amazonian Arts Astrologer, Jeanette Jones 

Howl Of The Banshee

The veil has been pulled aside and the call to the underworld is powerful at this dark moon in Scorpio. This is the home of the Banshee; the dark cave of our deepest fears and greatest vulnerabilities but also a bed of rich emotional fertility. If one is willing to traverse this landscape and release that which is ready to return to the ‘mother'; a death process, then our rebirth is assured.

Banshee medicine speaks to us of purification and regeneration at the level of emotional soul and under this moon influence, we can feel moody and oversensitive. Steeped deeply in our feeling selves; particularly our compulsions, we often feel there is an inner battle waging within and we are fighting for our lives. We may lash out in our vulnerable state and direct those psychic daggers at our perceived attackers, for there are no half measures here when we plunge into the Banshees abyss.



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