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The Egyptian Connection and the Number 13

astrology priestess Jan 12, 2021

From the Vision Mother, Akhalita Makoto

The Egyptian Emergence

Although a deep knowing of the bones of this project was established long ago, it was only in the last few years that the name Amazonian Arts was received, and only many moons post that time that both a Christian and Egyptian theme to this work began to inexorably emerge …

For a pancultural project, perhaps I should not have been surprised at these seemingly incongruent connections. Yet, even though I was, I decided to foster curiosity and follow the doors that were opening for the Amazonian Arts, as is the shamanic way…


The Priestess Speaks

It all began with the Priestess circle – the Virgo Warrioress. We were curious as to why it should begin with her because she does not represent any particular beginning point on the Zodiac wheel, but it was clear that she was to be first. And because of Covid and the large group we had, it ended up being the only circle we held for the clear...

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