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To Sow a Seed is to Believe

I recently had a beautiful experience which demonstrated to me the powerful transformation that is occurring on the planet at present. As many are so aware, we are facing unprecedented times of growth and evolution as we stand in the face of the world's 6th greatest extinction. Our top soil has been washed away from monoculture farming practices as we’re pumping numerous chemicals into our food production and bodies.  The waters are polluted as is the blood in our veins, our air is hard to breathe as we drive our cars, praise commercialism and industry growth. These stories are growing very stale and old as so many are fully waking up to chronic physical, mental, spiritual, and environmental crises we can’t ignore any longer.  Everything is signalling to us something isn’t right.  s so many of us humans have lost connection to self, love of self and others, and of the Earth we live – so are we being presented with countless opportunities to re-evaluate and take full responsibility for every breath we live each day, how we treat ourselves, each other and our land.


 A Meeting of two Minds

This story is about a meeting of two minds, and when placed in the right environment how seeds can activate and growth can transform the landscape!  I recently took the opportunity to visit out west to Tenterfield where I’m blessed to call home as of next year. I was offered land by dear friends, who are very aware of the instability our future holds as the current systems are crumbling around us, and they are taking giant leaps in action towards building the future they’d like to see birthed. The land itself is baron, full of an invasive species called African Love Grass which chokes out any other natives from surviving in the soil, and the ground is hard and water or nutrient additives just wash away without any chance of absorption. Desolate wasteland to the eye, one would believe nothing could grow out there.

I brought with me another dear friend who happens to be a soil biologist. He has recently had great success transforming another plot of land in the area with remarkable results. He generously took us through and showed us how actually, underneath there was plenty of viable top soil just awaiting transformation. With a few simple changes of shifting the PH and nutrient levels, the love grass will no longer survive the new environment, which will in turn create the space to unlock the soil to allow for the countless other diverse native seeds which are already there, to activate, take root and sprout! The land owner, upon discovering this, was transformed at this knowledge. He is a pilot and has spent his life spraying toxic chemicals over agricultural land. For someone like myself whose very values and foundations of work involves regenerative health and agriculture, I could very easily judge this man for his actions, knowing how much he has contributed towards the damage and destruction of our lands. Yet I see his good heart and he, like so many others, have been brought up in an environment where they know no different. Within hours of these 2 minds meeting, there was pallets of nutrients ordered, and the plane arranged to distribute these nutrients over the entire 100 acres! Not only that, his mind expanded to think of all his dozens of pilot friends who have been participating in similar damaging exercises of chem bombing, to realising the profound effect a small shift in their awareness and education could seriously transform the landscape of Australian farming! Where was once baron lifeless soil, there can be native plant diversity and nutrient dense soil for self-sufficient food growing!


Healing the Landscape Within 

My greatest lesson in this meeting was how our own inner landscape of baron locked up energy and feelings can be transformed given the right environment and nutrients. When given some love, attention and the right environment, who knows the potential of growth available! So many on the spiritual path feel they have the right to judge where another person is at, based on surface assumptions... we all do it.  My lesson was to never underestimate the power of sowing a seed. This life isn't about the end game, how large our harvest is or how ‘pure’ one's spirituality may present itself. It's about having hope in the future and the Earth's capacity to transform life energy to regenerate itself.  The universe has its own germination time for each individual.  It's this process I live for, not the 'result'.  I sow seeds come hell or high water. Sure, half my garden has drowned, but you never know what seed will take root and shoot up! I’ve also gained the peace and tranquillity of tending to my babies each day, talking to nature every day, the excitement of seeing a shoot of new life, being of service and offering nurture and love. She cares for me in return by providing me with whichever large or small harvest comes about for which I'm so grateful. All in all I've learnt to TRUST the process, nature knows what she's doing far more than I ever will. Same goes for how we view and treat every human, be they awakened or not. Who are we to assume or judge where another’s journey is at?  How are we to know what seed is viable? Are we sowing seeds of doubt or seeds of belief? So many variables determine when a person is to reach their activation, how much love they’ve received and the environment they’re in all determine its potential for growth and transformation.  


What Seeds are You Sowing?

There is such a huge shift happening on the planet currently, so many are waking up and recognising their desire to connect, and to be part of a future which can dissolve so much of the pain we all experience and asking how do we become part of the solution? For starters we can stop sowing seeds of doubt and negative stories. These are like toxic chemicals to fertile soil. If your garden isn’t nurturing your inner world, move and change. Some species are simply not meant to thrive side by side, where others are symbiotic and thrive by their very presence. You don't have to withstand anyone in your life who isn't willing to treat you with the love and nurture you deserve. By all means, we have the ability to harness our discernment and intuition, in knowing when an exchange with another is for a reason or a season. Sometimes we grow and produce fruit, then die. Afterwards we find the same seed stock sprout in new locations and environments with even greater potential or lesser... We are at the mercy of nature's winds, trusting the Angels are guiding our flow. Unlike trees, we also have legs for walking, mouths for talking, hearts for feeling, and minds for thinking. We have the ability to make conscious choices every day as to where and what our healthy clean environment feels like inside and out. Speaking words of encouragement, believing in the power of Alchemy and transformation, combined with our power of intention has the capacity to give life or take it away. 


Wild and Wonderous Weeds!

Sometimes our vision is so limited all we see is the tiny sapling above the soil, little do we know underneath is a large growth of root systems supporting its growth for when the time arrives and the environment is perfect for this tiny being to flourish into its fullest potential. Sometime we judge a plant for being what we call a weed. Little do we know, that weeds contain the exact nutrients the soil needs in that exact location, and when its composted back into the soil, then its life’s purpose is fulfilled and it no longer needs to grow in that area anymore now the nutrient balance has been restored. I've often felt like a weed amongst my family, community and relationships. Little did I know I had a very important purpose containing the very nutrients needed to transform the dynamic. We are all so limited in our visions. What do we view in ourselves and others as weeds? The best we can do is offer our love and nurture and nature will do the rest. Be the outcome growth or death. I accept both equally. We can't control what nature decides.  

This story came to me as such an honouring how this is the perfect analogy for life, our thoughts, our words and the environment we choose to house ourselves in, be it our own body, land, home, and community. We are all deserving of clean words and intentions, wanting growth and abundant yields for each divine being on this planet... Not just for our forests and food, but our own hearts growth and transformation.


Warm Wishes,

••â† âœ§âœ½ Louise ✽✧↞••

Priestess Clan Mother

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