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Wildling New Moon: 12 February 2021

astrology wildling Feb 10, 2021
From Amazonian Arts Astrologer, Jeanette Jones

Wildling Transformation

Calling all those ‘new paradigm path finders’ to step forward please, with six planets and one asteroid in Aquarius at this new moon, the flavour is bold, inventive and future oriented.

Are you feeling the weight of mainstream heaviness and the relentlessness of media barrage? Open the door to Wildling energy and sense the possibilities of the ‘new’, awaiting birth. She is the significator of transformation; sniffing out the underbelly of our societal decay and alerting us to the need for change.


The Aftershock

Wildling/Aquarius energy can have a ‘shock’ affect; ripping away the fabric of our reality and waking us to greater potential and expanded consciousness. This feeling is not always comfortable as it challenges our complacency and known security structures.

At this moon you may be feeling restless and...

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The Clan Mother Speaks: The Call of the Wildling

clan mother wildling Jan 12, 2021


A Wild Welcome

The call came. I heard it. But I waited. 

I didn’t move. I didn’t make a sound. 

I let the call be there, in the air, but I made no quick answer. 

I took my time.  


Time passed. 

And then: yes. 


I didn’t know, then, why the yes, why then, or even what I was saying yes to. 

My steps toward that yes have been slow. To be slow is not to be tentative, but rather, a slowness that makes room to know each step of the way is sure, is bold.


A Diverse Rediscovery

The experience of finding oneself here, on this Amazonian Arts path, I’m sure is varied and unique for all of us, and the value of sharing is only to recognise that rich diversity among us. 

So far the experience of hearing other women’s stories, paths that brought them here, and passions that they seek to realise has felt a privilege and a process of understanding why we need this space, now. I see the Amazonian Arts...

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