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Wildling New Moon: 12 February 2021

astrology wildling Feb 11, 2021
From Amazonian Arts Astrologer, Jeanette Jones

Wildling Transformation

Calling all those ‘new paradigm path finders’ to step forward please, with six planets and one asteroid in Aquarius at this new moon, the flavour is bold, inventive and future oriented.

Are you feeling the weight of mainstream heaviness and the relentlessness of media barrage? Open the door to Wildling energy and sense the possibilities of the ‘new’, awaiting birth. She is the significator of transformation; sniffing out the underbelly of our societal decay and alerting us to the need for change.


The Aftershock

Wildling/Aquarius energy can have a ‘shock’ affect; ripping away the fabric of our reality and waking us to greater potential and expanded consciousness. This feeling is not always comfortable as it challenges our complacency and known security structures.

At this moon you may be feeling restless and impatient for change, desirous of liberation from some aspect of yourself/life. Or alternatively, brimming with innovative ideas that may have ‘appeared’ in your field and hold huge growth potential. The
formidable presence of the asteroid Pallas Athena sitting alongside the Sun and Moon, speaks to our need to proceed with wisdom in this period of change making, beware of burning all your bridges in a childish tantrum.



Mercury retrograding at this time also points to the need for introspection and inward journeying to discover those places within that need renewal; allow the seed possibilities to stew in their juice before taking any outward action. Jupiter is also involved here, expanding our vision and offering hope that a path will be shown
into the future. 

Without any restraint, this focus of Aquarian planetary energies could easily erupt into anarchy and chaos (shadow side) and with Saturn and Uranus still in a tense relationship, emotions are highly erratic and combustible. Harness and direct these energies into ‘getting clear’, assessing where change needs to occur in your personal life and in this process of transformation, burning up your outmoded past.


Ask yourself...

What in your life needs renewal or new form?
What gift do you bring to the collective vision?

Let this be a metamorphosis not just for self, but in the knowing that our individual actions affect all of our brothers and sisters. After all, this Wildling/Aquarian archetype speaks for the collective, reminding us that through our inter connectedness we are co-creating a new story for humanity.

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