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The Magickal Power of Intention

Magic is faith in the as-yet-unmanifest. It is the invocation of the large, while praising the small. Magic is the redoubling of our vow when disappointment befalls us, a shoulder to the wheel of our intent.

Excerpt by Toko-pa Turner 


Look up at the Stars ...

The Ether that permeates the entire Cosmos is the infinite, unmanifest potential of creation, the plasma field within which literally anything is possible. Look up at the stars and know the immensity of this truth. Feel the Earth beneath our feet and the miracle of her life giving soils, rocks, plants and creatures, her flowing nourishing waters, the warmth and light of the sun and fire and the air we breath, so rich in life force. Look within our own bodies and sense the intelligence of the Universe at work within this Body/Soul Temple. 


Make Believe ...

Magick* is all around us in every moment. It is only our conditioning and the scientific filter of our culture that has belittled it to the realm of ‘make believe’. But even this phrase, to ‘make believe’ holds a clue to the power of intention. What we believe, we can make manifest, but only if we truly believe with every fibre of our being.

To cultivate this belief, we simply need to discard our cynicism, busy-ness and doubt, which is often easier said than done. However whatever we practice, we get good at, so here and now is always a great place to start. 


Creating a Ritual

In my experience, contemplating the miracle of life with awe and deep gratitude is a key to switching on our magickal potential. Creating a ritual by lighting a candle each morning before meditation, smudging myself and the space, acknowledging the elementals, the directions, the ancestors and traditional custodians are all ways to focus my intention in gratitude and honour. 


What are you Attending to?

Our lives are often so busy, our minds jumping from one job to another, our modern world so full of advertising, images and sounds vying for our attention. Fear and worries are at the forefront of our minds, with the news and social media blaring their headlines at us IF WE LET THEM. Add to the scenario covid, bushfires, flooding, war… it is extremely difficult to keep the inner balance. Anxiety, depression and attention deficit disorders are all on the increase. Is it any wonder?

My father was a radio announcer and news reader with Radio Australia. Every day he would watch every news broadcast and in between would read the newspaper. As a small child, I longed for some of his attention and grew up with an aversion to the news. In fact I have barely read a newspaper or listened to the news my whole adult life, which today I recognise as a true blessing. 

Mastery of our energy is imperative in these pivotal times, teetering as we are on a precipice. To become the Alchemists, Magicians and Weavers of the New World, it is up to us as individuals to choose peace, joy and love and to beam it out into the world. 

However, this doesn’t mean sticking our heads in the sand and ignoring what is going on in the world. Awareness and discernment are essential parts of our toolkit, as are honest self observation and inner healing. I am very grateful to the Amazonian Arts for giving me a framework as I journey the Pathways through the 13 Archetypes, recognising the strengths and weaknesses of each that I find within. Some shadows I was aware of and others have been a revelation. Letting go of the old makes space for new levels of consciousness, but it takes courage, commitment and time.

It is imperative to become aware of the filter through which we view the world. Are you aghast, angry and judgmental at the corruption, devastation and inequality in the world, with seemingly no solution? How does this affect your wellbeing and health? By focusing on what’s wrong in the world, did you know that you are effectively praying for what you don’t want? Although unconscious, this is negative intention, transmitting to the cosmos a well defined signal that you expect the worst. Creation does not question, it merely processes our instructions.


Trusting in the Universal Process ...

Or do you view the world as a conscious, loving interconnected web of life in which you trust that all is as it should be, despite our human inability to perceive the bigger picture? Where the focus goes, the energy flows.

In the book I am reading at the moment, the Goddess Keridwen speaks: “It is all just an illusion in the end, my child. The object is simply experience and then to learn from that experience. Each of us must master and trust in the Universal process.”

Right now there are many astrological phenomenon that are supporting our growth and challenging our old ways of being.

We have just had a powerful Autumn Equinox in Aries, are currently experiencing a rare Jupiter - Neptune conjunction in Pisces (kindles compassion) and a 10-fold increase in solar flare activity for 2022 as well as dwarf planet Sedna’s closest positioning to Earth, all calling in evolutionary quantum shifts and amplification of energies. Can you feel it?


Walking with the Huntress...

The influence of Aries (the Huntress), is that it is time to initiate, to start something new and have the courage to follow your own path. It is an excellent energy for disciplined focus, setting clear intentions in order to manifest that which your soul truly wants. 

However, be aware that Aries/Mars shadow can illicit strong emotions of anger, judgement and fear. Under the amplifying influence of this months astrology, this could cause havoc.


Our Choice

On the other hand, if we consciously choose to practice gratitude and kindness, this will also be magnified, enhancing the possibility of new opportunities, connection and bliss. 

Simply put, it is our choice. The power of intention will help to guide us by focusing our free will, not just letting it be buffeted on the stormy ocean of media driven emotions. If we spend even just a few precious minutes each day, lighting a candle and feeling into our heart, connecting with gratitude to the magic filled Earth and Cosmos, and setting joyful, loving intentions for ourselves, families, communities and all of Earth’s inhabitants, we will be broadcasting love and compassion into the collective consciousness. 

Peace and Heaven on Earth. May it be so and so it is. 

It is up to us. 


Blessed Be,

Elvina Munir

Alchemist Clan Mother 


*For an interesting read on the difference between the spelling of magic vs magick see:

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