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The Magickal Power of Intention

Magic is faith in the as-yet-unmanifest. It is the invocation of the large, while praising the small. Magic is the redoubling of our vow when disappointment befalls us, a shoulder to the wheel of our intent.

Excerpt by Toko-pa Turner 


Look up at the Stars ...

The Ether that permeates the entire Cosmos is the infinite, unmanifest potential of creation, the plasma field within which literally anything is possible. Look up at the stars and know the immensity of this truth. Feel the Earth beneath our feet and the miracle of her life giving soils, rocks, plants and creatures, her flowing nourishing waters, the warmth and light of the sun and fire and the air we breath, so rich in life force. Look within our own bodies and sense the intelligence of the Universe at work within this Body/Soul Temple. 


Make Believe ...

Magick* is all around us in every moment. It is only our conditioning and the scientific filter of our culture that has belittled it to the realm of...

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