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The Bumpy Road on a Mother's Back…

  • Are you longing for some time out, time for you, time to breathe deeply, time to relax, time to reflect, time to live?
  • How tense is your body without you even knowing it?

I just had a massage, and it was as if the massage therapist drove over a really badly patched road full of potholes where some haven’t been patched yet. Only then did I truly realise how much I neglect my body and am focused 'out there' to function well, to fulfill the duties of a responsible mum, of a reliable worker, of a good daughter, of a friend who´s thinking of you, of a modern women who´s educated on the world happenings, of a rat race slave to this construct in which we live in ... Better to the point, where we survive the matrix, until the machine breaks down or hopefully the machine only malfunctions and one stops for the little moment required to see what on earth is going on. Survive! Is that all there truly is about this life on this planet earth?


It´s not that bad ...

It´s so easy for me to brush it all off by thinking there are much worse things on this planet, and I could be much worse off. So, believing it´s all good again, I take on even more work, even more projects, even more responsibility. Until… There is the great advice to learn to say 'no'. What if it have anything to do with learning to say no? What if the cause is much deeper? So, we go on to work more and harder as we have learned/been taught to 'hook in while you are young, accumulate money, riches, possession, so that you are well off.'

Is it that easy and simple? Really? I wonder where I missed the turn off for 'richness' and 'smooth road this way'…


Who knows it better?

Well, there is then the conditioned mind/behaviour of listening to the parents or the people you value. And there you are with some brilliant ideas that you have, to change things and make your life easier and more exciting, full of enthusiasm and knowing it´s worthy to pursue.

But on sharing it with your loved ones, you end up listening to how ´it´s an irrational, quick jump into something unknown'. Or perhaps it is too 'risky´ or ´it's new and doesn´t have to do anything with what you learned. Do you have experience/expertise in it??´ Or, ´I heard other people had great ideas, left their secure job, failed miserably and now have nothing`.

And there you are, after all the input of family and friends, and a load of doubt which follows as to whether your great ideas were truly that great... So you let go of them and return to working harder in what you´ve done so far, exhausting yourself, by trusting the advice of your family and friends believing that you will get somewhere further that way. On top of that you are adding self-development courses, seminars, and webinars to gain a better understanding and more knowledge, believing those people have all mastered their shit and tell the truth. And you do this while you are raising a child, which is growing and in turn demands more of your mental capacity, as you wish to provide him/her with a brighter future and encourage him/her to pursue their dreams and reach their fullest potential.


The Uber Culture 

Meanwhile the human world is encouraging them to become mentally unstable by not knowing if they are a girl or a boy or a butterfly, which is being supported, if not pushed, by the leaders of the countries. Of course they will be provided with medical drugs also to alleviate the present pain of confusion, without any thought for a healthy future.

Mothers have been isolated, moved from the big network of village living, to 3 generation family farm living, together, independent, and supported. They have moved to a 2 generation family, in a town or city, and on to ‘equal rights´, where both man and woman go to the workforce, most times not for equal pay though. They have endured dependency between money and food, gone through inflation, and now moved to a 1 generation family, where their baby goes from womb to institution to be raised (aka educated or better said, indoctrinated), while mother and/or father are working to pay tax, mortgage, bills, repairs, food, clothing, and of course the education, while supposedly they still have time for the child, for each other, and the rest of their loved ones.

And here you are, disconnected from nature, disconnected from family, disconnected from your partner, disconnected from your child, the most important, disconnected from yourself. You try to keep it all together and not allow yourself to break down and cry and scream as that would not be 'lady-like' and one would be seen as weak and pathetic or even dramatic and pitiable, because it´s not that bad. There are people worse of.

Is that maybe the reason why we got into the shit we are in now? Because we always brush it off? Because we need to be strong instead of putting a stop to it and creating the nurturing life and living that we know is possible?


Where to from here?

What change can we be, what else can we choose to start living and striving for instead of surviving? You may not know where to start. You may wonder what to do. You may even not like what you get to see. But you know what, just start!! If you are truly desiring a different reality, just start. Choose that it´s time for change and go.

Start with a Question!! Always! A true question. Not a statement with a question mark attached or an expectation as to what the answer should be.

  • Who am I?
  • What am I?
  • Why am I?

Is now the time to slow down, just enough so you can reflect? And I am not saying it´s easy, what I am saying it´s worth it!!


I approve of myself, I approve of myself, I am worth loving, I am willing to change

and learn a new way of expressing and experiencing life. I now begin to accept

myself exactly as I am. I approve of myself, I approve of myself.

Louise Hay's Morning Meditation.


Love and light and deep listening to you!!

By Vesna

Archeress Clan Mother

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