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The Bumpy Road on a Mother's Back…

  • Are you longing for some time out, time for you, time to breathe deeply, time to relax, time to reflect, time to live?
  • How tense is your body without you even knowing it?

I just had a massage, and it was as if the massage therapist drove over a really badly patched road full of potholes where some haven’t been patched yet. Only then did I truly realise how much I neglect my body and am focused 'out there' to function well, to fulfill the duties of a responsible mum, of a reliable worker, of a good daughter, of a friend who´s thinking of you, of a modern women who´s educated on the world happenings, of a rat race slave to this construct in which we live in ... Better to the point, where we survive the matrix, until the machine breaks down or hopefully the machine only malfunctions and one stops for the little moment required to see what on earth is going on. Survive! Is that all there truly is about this life on this planet...

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Echoes From The Deep

This is a direct response to the ZOOM update ~ AMA in review ~ with our Vision Weaver Akhalita for what lies ahead for us with the AMA in 2024.

My message to Akhalita  in response to the 13th January zoom:

“.... AND WOW ... I felt you in your power as Vision Weaver ... as we go DEEPER ...”

” I had a big response / activation from this zoom call - particularly from you and Jeanette that will result in writings for the newsletter. I felt hugely activated personally by this zoom replay. I was not able to attend live and I share what was arising in and for me at that time ~ transcribed from a voice recording 14th January 2024.


What does it mean to go deeper?

What does it actually mean to go DEEPER in ones devotion to ones own spiritual journey... with ones devotion to this work and BE - ing fully PRESENT to it.... Listening to the recording of the zoom call, I am fully activated as to what it is to go DEEPER and what might be...

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