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Echoes From The Deep

This is a direct response to the ZOOM update ~ AMA in review ~ with our Vision Weaver Akhalita for what lies ahead for us with the AMA in 2024.

My message to Akhalita  in response to the 13th January zoom:

“.... AND WOW ... I felt you in your power as Vision Weaver ... as we go DEEPER ...”

” I had a big response / activation from this zoom call - particularly from you and Jeanette that will result in writings for the newsletter. I felt hugely activated personally by this zoom replay. I was not able to attend live and I share what was arising in and for me at that time ~ transcribed from a voice recording 14th January 2024.


What does it mean to go deeper?

What does it actually mean to go DEEPER in ones devotion to ones own spiritual journey... with ones devotion to this work and BE - ing fully PRESENT to it.... Listening to the recording of the zoom call, I am fully activated as to what it is to go DEEPER and what might be required of us as Warrioresses or any person that is deeply connected and committed to their spiritual path and being of service to something greater at this time. Equally what we could/might consider to do in order to fortify ourselves for the ride.

I am just switched on/activated to how BIG this work is (AMA) and its potential. Its infinite potential. Its impact on us personally, its impact on us all together as journeying women and its impact on humanity. I am reflecting on the serious nature of it all. Equally of course there is a light, fluffy, warm, fuzzy side, but you are not going to get that from me as Banshee Clan Mother anchoring and connected to Grandmother Banshee... Like fuck .... what am I a part of... I am a part of something very BIG , and you know we can’t do the same and make the same energetic impact on our own.


I have been called ...

This is why I have always been open to my guidance, to my inner guidance, of where I am to be. Of where I can best serve. Like... WOW... today was just WOW for me. We have a very big year ahead. I am a little bit speechless about it... The potential of the year ahead. Showing up - being present. I can see so fully now why the arse has fallen out of my business. My lifetime business. I’m not grasping to it or trying to make it work in the same way that I have in the past when it has been threatened. I have listened and responded to the call to rent a house at Yammacoona and after that zoom I can understand more deeply with better knowing why I have been called. I’ve been called to the land. I’ve been called to the portal. I’ve been called into the Mystery in deeper ways and I have answered. I have been called to this work and my service through this work with the Amazonian Arts that Akhalita has so skillfully woven. I just feel so deeply privileged to be a part of something that is so profoundly powerful. We just don’t even know the infinite power, potential and the ripple of benefit to ourselves and then out into humanity at this Great Turning. 


Where It began...

When I first met Akhalita in 2019, what really spoke to me, what tweaked my soul ~ there were sparks ~ firstly was the land. I didn’t know anything about it. I didn’t know even where Dorrigo was. The land she spoke off, spoke to me. There was some sort of resonance and alignment with a potential of living there then that was dormant from the listening. There is also the Portal that will be created when the Clan Mothers all come together in an initiatory way in circle. It has been a long time coming since we spoke in 2019. I don’t know how specifically this registers in our humanity, but we will be doing something very BIG. 

And a consequently just this activation of being Banshee Clan Mother and having traversed so many dark nights and what I’ve needed to do to stay steady and even when I’ve fallen and what it takes to be at that place the dark...  I’ve sought help assistance and guidance from many people and I’ve learnt a lot of ways to proactively transmute what is arising because what Akhalita spoke to - we are purging. The way the planets are aligned like never before - we have opportunities here, and it’s just to what ever degree - how committed we are - how committed are you? How committed am I? To step up to the plate step up....

I know that I am committed because my path has been one clearly and very directed for karmic and soul healing and resolution. An end to a macro cycle. Where the planets sit in my birth chart confirms that this is my soul path. 


Thoughts on how to foster and nurture our tending to Self for the benefit of Soul for this 2024 ride....

We have been taught in this collective view that taking care of Self is selfish. This is where all of the problems arose with decisions around Covid and the Covid vaccines, and what was being asked of us . What was being required of us was to relinquish our sovereignty to be in service to ‘the other’ - to our fellow man. Even though instinctually listening to ourselves, our sovereign selves, is critical in our own personal process and for emanating our personal power. We are led to believe that caring for our fellow man is more important than listening to our own inner voice and our own self care and self nurture.

This work not work for the faint-hearted. This is not peace, love, and mung beans stuff. This work is the real deal. What do we do and how can we take care of ourselves? I’ll talk extreme because Banshee is extreme and you can take it or leave it. This is the real deal in my eyes of what can be potentially required of us, because all of the trappings of what can be addictive in this realm pull us away from our sharpness, our alertness, our power, our strength, our courage, and all that culminates to affect our Beauty Walk.

Health and Wellness of our physical vessel is a work in progress and critical in anchoring higher energies and expanding our light from within and a grounded powerful way. Only then can we really be of service giving from a full cup. So I’m talking about the giving up of certain things on a physical level. We are working towards being a hollow bone. How sharp do you want to be? How focused do you want to be? How strong do you want to be? If you do want all these things you want to do it for yourself first, and then for the other. We are standing in a position where we can be vessels for the collective. How committed are you and who do you want to be?


What can we do to fortify ourselves?

We need to fortify our physical bodies, because our physical bodies are our vessels. They need to be in optimal shape as we take in more light, more love more energy into this realm. The tending of the physical body is critical in the process of expanding our Light, our frequency as we clear and transmute the distortions energetically. In our spiritual work. One supports the other and vice versa. We are anchoring down into the physical vessel. Grounded, as opposed to being airy fairy ‘out there’. There is a big challenge as it can be easy to fly out and into the Universe and go to La La Land feeling great and having ‘a nice time’. However, the real deal is about anchoring higher frequency into this human vessel. This is no mean feet. It takes work, commitment and a sincere tending to the care and flourishing of the physical body in every way possible. This is a work in progress.


Eliminating foods and substances

I’ll just list the foods/ substances/other that cause distortions and distractions in the physical body. Marijuana, for example, distorts our clarity, and our focus, and ‘ the agenda’ is about blurring our clarity to keep us weak and powerless. We are much easier to control and be compliant when we are blurred and disempowered. This is the polarity, the opposite of stepping forward into our power and being the change we want to see in the world . Whether we like it or not, we’ve been called and we have all answered. We’ve answered the call so here it is, the distortions are all those things that have an addictive quality.

Sugar, coffee, teas with caffeine, marijuana, recreational drugs, prescriptive drugs, porn, and even TV and videos, which are subliminally programming the mind and taking us further away from Self. The mind cannot discriminate. My suggestion is perhaps start by choosing the hardest one on the list to let go of. And let it go, if you feel so inclined.


Nature immersion

The polarity of these distortions of course is the immersion in Nature. Immersing oneself in nature daily and one or all of the elements. Ocean. Rivers. Sunshine. Wind. Rain and so on. Creating an “active“ ever-changing evolving ALTAR GROUND. Creating an altar ground, allowing you altar ground (soul speak) to flourish, making regular changes to your altar ground. This puts Self and Soul on notice that you are changing and morphing, Actually having visual pictures or effigy references to those spirit beings who are supporting you. 

Each month with the AMA, we are calling up the different archetypes and making adjustments to the altar grounds so by putting the pictures of the Clan Mothers there, we are summoning them and more deeply connecting with them. 


My experience in the month of anchoring with the Banshee Clan Mother

It was most certainly initiatory. I have witnessed all of the Clan Mothers that have gone before in this round requiring a commitment and surrender that has appeared to be far reaching in each individual's transformation and also for those attending in Circle. I understand us as humans to be holographic in nature. Different things, resonate and work at different times in our lives, and different things support each of us as unique individuals.


Herbal Infusions with Susun Weed

Nettle. Comfrey. Red clover. Linden Flower. Oatstraw.

For four years I only driak nettle infusions every day. Fortifying. Fortifying. I felt so weak, so depleted. Susun Weed shared this information at the Goddess Conference in Sydney in 2016. I took it on board and began rotating through the five that she recommends until at a point in my life when I became incredibly fatigued. I spent four years just drinking nettle. It was brought to my attention, and I believe it to be so, that anything too much for too long can become poisonous to the body, even if it appears good and healthy. Now I’m back on my rotation through these five infusions. We’re not talking tea, we’re talking infusions. The infusions are deep nourishment. We are talking plant medicine. Herbs infused for four hours, then they’re taken into and received by the body in their purist and highest vibration. If you are wanting more information about these infusions and/or the supplier of quality organic herbs I am more than happy to share this info with you.


Bee pollen

In smoothies x 1 tablespoon. High frequency high energy. Potent for optimum immune function. Even more potent if the pollen is from the area where you live.


Transformational baths

3 tablespoons of cold pressed olive oil, 3 tablespoons of organic honey, 3 tablespoons of organic salt. Sit in a bath is so hot that you can barely withstand, working through the physical body, releasing and grounding the energy of ancestral and past life healing. Whether you proactively transmuting, or responding to the energies around you, collectively, planetarily, astrologically, or cosmically, this bath is incredibly powerful.

Nourishing the body and putting the body on notice for the fragmented parts of the body to return. The body needs to be an inviting place for this to occur. I believe that this bath helps to put the body on notice that it is a safe and nourished place for those fragmented parts of self to return. It could be interesting to consider ways in which you are sabotaging your physical body and it doesn’t feel like a safe place when we begin the invitation of returning the fragmented parts of self back home to the body. 

Affirmations can go with this bath gazing into a candle flame. Quoting Jane Hardwicke Collings from the Shamanic School of Womancraft. “Be careful what you ask for...” This is because whatever is not resonant with what you are speaking to, will arise in your life to look at, and then we must face it in Truth. Not to be blaming the other. But owning it for ourselves. This is the shadow work.



Self pleasure - x 2/week to keep personal energy flowing and healthy. Self pleasure affects all Systems and abundance on all levels.


Concluding thoughts ... 

We are all now being called to rise in our own unique and powerful way. We are being called NOW in 2024 to connect, to dive more deeply into ourselves, into our shadow and into our light. To connect more deeply with the Earth, with each other, to the AMA Grandmothers, to Goddess Isis, to Black Unicorn, to the Primordial Mother - the Mother of us all.







My soul is purring to this call for us all to go deeper. To go to the depths: that is Banshee territory. I feel deeply honoured and deeply privileged to be serving in this way to myself, to the AMA and to and for humanity.


In love,

Lyra Jean

Banshee Clan Mother

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