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Archeress New Moon: December 2020

archeress astrology Dec 12, 2020
From our amazing Amazonian Arts Astrologer, Jeanette Jones

Deep Intuition into New Freedoms

A powerful new moon solar eclipse in Sagittarius evokes our yearning for freedom and a new vision. Our urge may be to aim arrows in many directions; anything to release us from perceived ‘stuckness’ and the recycling of our old story lines.

Hold your horses Miz Archeress! There is a greater calling announcing itself here, the need to listen deeply to the intuition for that is the place where your greater vision resides. One of your attributes is this connection with the higher mind, enabling you
to see the big picture: what could be ‘possible’. Just remember to tether the fiery impulse toward immediate action that is not thought through.


Rune Revelations

The wisdom of the rune stones reminds us "do not attempt to go beyond where you have not yet begun”. Because eclipses are closely tied in with the nodal axis (past and future) there is an accelerated emphasis on our evolution; the past may need to be integrated so it can rebirth itself into a new form. With Mercury (communication) and the south node (past pattern) aligning with this Sagittarian sun/new moon, we are encouraged to have reflective and inspiring conversations as a precursor to initiating this new trajectory. There is no ‘one’ way; this is not a time for rigid dogma (shadow Archeress) as diversity is the key which is all inclusive. Neptune (unifying urge) and the asteroid Vesta (devotional) are also engaged in this planetary heavenly dance with the nodal axis/new moon.

There is great disillusionment and grief permeating our planetary consciousness at this time. Therefore our future ‘dreaming up’ needs to embrace the sacredness of life and each other; recognising that we are co-creators in this process.


Ask yourselves these questions sisters...

What is my highest vision and where is the source of my deepest inspiration?

Have I limited my ability to expand?

And most importantly... am I able to embrace and hold faith in this vision?


Hold your focus on this beautiful big picture dream as this year and a way of being comes to a close; where our strongest ally may be the honing and allegiance to our inner truth.

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