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Banshee New Moon: November 2020

astrology banshee new moon Nov 11, 2020
From our amazing Amazonian Arts Astrologer, Jeanette Jones 

Howl Of The Banshee

The veil has been pulled aside and the call to the underworld is powerful at this dark moon in Scorpio. This is the home of the Banshee; the dark cave of our deepest fears and greatest vulnerabilities but also a bed of rich emotional fertility. If one is willing to traverse this landscape and release that which is ready to return to the ‘mother'; a death process, then our rebirth is assured.

Banshee medicine speaks to us of purification and regeneration at the level of emotional soul and under this moon influence, we can feel moody and oversensitive. Steeped deeply in our feeling selves; particularly our compulsions, we often feel there is an inner battle waging within and we are fighting for our lives. We may lash out in our vulnerable state and direct those psychic daggers at our perceived attackers, for there are no half measures here when we plunge into the Banshees abyss.


Where to focus your inner work this month?

This is a time to offer up the ‘hard’ places you hold within, to pull back from external distractions and to honour the natural cycles of death/rebirth of the emotional self.

Are you holding on emotionally to a person or situation that has outlived its purpose?

Do you have fears around letting go or loss of control?

Or are you simply putting a lid on a simmering pot of rage that feels ready to blow?


Dive deep sister at this moon time as you respond to the howl of the Banshee, allow her to immerse you in the cleansing waters of the underworld and return you regenerated.

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