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Beauty & the Rose

I have inherited a garden of rose bushes – wiry, woody and pest ridden. Arriving to my new house in the middle of winter meant the great unveiling of the colour and perfume of the rose would have to wait till the spring. A self-confessed novice, I began tending the roses, removing aphids and curly leaves. I read roses needed food, water and sunshine – easy enough, I thought. Roses are frost tolerant and hardy – great! That will work here, with evening temperatures throughout winter settling below zero.


Beauty for Beauty's Sake

As spring arrived, I awoke one morning to see a tiny bud on the bush outside my window and so began my exuberant quest to know and understand The Rose. Early on in my life, I thought flowers were pointless. Why would I want a garden full of pretties that didn’t provide food? I was practical, purposeful and there was no time for flowers that were simply just sitting around looking lovely. However, working with the feminine mysteries have shifted my perception and consciousness to appreciate the splendour inherent in nature and to understand beauty, for beauty’s sake. As I wander around my town, I admire other rose gardens, of which there are many here. At times I stand awestruck as the thorny bush that was bare the day before, now displays her exquisite blossoms in reds, pinks, yellows, white and even blue!


Discovering the Deeper Connection

It seems quite odd that I have never grown roses before, as I have a connection with them. I have a tattoo of a rose on my arm, bedspreads with bountiful blooms, fragrances, oils, rose petal tea and rosy patterned clothing. They have been a guiding symbol these past years. With their delicate feminine aroma, they have reminded me to be gentle on myself. The soft, pink, multi-petalled flowers in my visions signify heart connection and love. I am reminded during meditations of my need to soften, relax and be tender with myself. 


Teachings of the Rose

As I connect with my new garden space, I am learning that roses need tender care too. I need to prune the old branches away and let them go. Their flowers flourish for a season and die. Dormancy and rest are needed. I talk to my roses and ask them for direction on how to best provide for their needs. I speak gently and I caress each new bud and look upon it with excitement and anticipation for its blossoming. As I tend to my roses, I can see how I am tending to myself. I need rest. I need to shed the old to make way for the next season of my life – my burgeoning bud, my new blossoming.


By Amy Myers

Clan Mother for the Lore Keeper

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