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Beauty & the Rose

I have inherited a garden of rose bushes – wiry, woody and pest ridden. Arriving to my new house in the middle of winter meant the great unveiling of the colour and perfume of the rose would have to wait till the spring. A self-confessed novice, I began tending the roses, removing aphids and curly leaves. I read roses needed food, water and sunshine – easy enough, I thought. Roses are frost tolerant and hardy – great! That will work here, with evening temperatures throughout winter settling below zero.


Beauty for Beauty's Sake

As spring arrived, I awoke one morning to see a tiny bud on the bush outside my window and so began my exuberant quest to know and understand The Rose. Early on in my life, I thought flowers were pointless. Why would I want a garden full of pretties that didn’t provide food? I was practical, purposeful and there was no time for flowers that were simply just sitting around looking...

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When Mother Nature Speaks

Ocean Visit ...

I have just spent time camping on Gunditjmara country at Port Fairy in Victoria. It was cold, it was wet and it was very windy. And Mother Nature was beautiful. I spent time on the beach watching the ocean being picked up and rolled by the wind. It felt like she was singing to me, telling me a story that was uniquely mine. I watched as the ocean formed waves of white foam and could see glimpses of crystal blue waters through the beautiful curve of each wave. There was a majesty and fierceness in the way the waves crashed into the water and a contrasting gentleness as the water breathed in and out of the rock pools. ‘You can be fierce. You can be gentle. And in all states, you are beautiful’ she sang to me. And I knew it to be true. There was a knowing of such depth that the Mother was indeed speaking to me through the wind and the water.


Deep Listening 

Moments like these are not foreign to me. I live...

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Youth Village of Magick

Welcome to the Amazonian Arts Youth Village of Magick where our personal stories and mythologies will create and shape our destiny.


Sarah's Story

She felt excitement, elation, expansion... ALIVE! 

Everyday at the same time the 'bell' would be heard from inside Sarah's classroom, she would race to the court with a basketball in her hands ready to play. Her friends would join in as adrenaline pumped through her veins, moving fast like a cheetah up and down the court, dribbling the ball, passing it, defending and taking the ultimate three pointer shots. It didn't matter if her team won or lost, Sarah just loved to be with her friends, move her body and play the game.

She loved basketball, she loved soccer, running, surfing, netball, handball, swimming and football.

Sport was her 'jam'.

One day as Sarah went to take her last shot at the hoop one of her friends accidentally collided with her, elbowing her in her chest. Extreme pain in her breast radiated down...

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The Libran Warrioress

What's in a Name?

The Determinatress lineage has had a name change. Her identity is shifting, her role becoming more defined and refined.

When I first received the Determinatress as my main Warrioress to work with, I was confused and unsure what her name implied. She started to appear first and foremost as the energy of a determined woman, someone who pushes through and persists till the end, completing whatever task could be at hand. I thought, "Too easy. I can do that," only to realise that she was far more complex and multi-dimensional to even conceive of her so simplistically. The journey thus far has revealed her to me as someone who needs to be in the present and balanced in her thoughts and views.


Working with the Polarity Warrioress

The Determinatress energy required me to focus on my family. I needed to release the needs of my more dominant Aries nature (I have many astrological placements in Aries) and flow from the perspective of 'me' to 'we', which encapsulates...

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Who is the most powerful person you know?

I know that my answer to this question has constantly evolved through the various aspects and ages of my life. Different celebrities, activists, entrepreneurs, healers, teachers, family members and friends have all held the 'mantle' for being powerful and strong influencers in my life. As I reflect on this question at this point in time my answer is somewhat different.


Who is the most powerful person I know?

Without any hesitation or doubt..... Me! Last month we called in the Grandmother of the Warrior Queen Lineage and anchored this powerful Warrioress. At this gathering I chose to step onto my Warrior Queen path of Self-Sovereignty, releasing the stories and the wounding of times in my life where I wasn't in my power. The physical, emotional, mental and energetic releases that have taken place since have been profound, but what has been ecstatically surprising is a deep acknowledgment of all the interactions and experiences where I have been in my...

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