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Youth Village of Magick

Welcome to the Amazonian Arts Youth Village of Magick where our personal stories and mythologies will create and shape our destiny.


Sarah's Story

She felt excitement, elation, expansion... ALIVE! 

Everyday at the same time the 'bell' would be heard from inside Sarah's classroom, she would race to the court with a basketball in her hands ready to play. Her friends would join in as adrenaline pumped through her veins, moving fast like a cheetah up and down the court, dribbling the ball, passing it, defending and taking the ultimate three pointer shots. It didn't matter if her team won or lost, Sarah just loved to be with her friends, move her body and play the game.

She loved basketball, she loved soccer, running, surfing, netball, handball, swimming and football.

Sport was her 'jam'.

One day as Sarah went to take her last shot at the hoop one of her friends accidentally collided with her, elbowing her in her chest. Extreme pain in her breast radiated down her arm, a moment that took her breath away. Her friend apologised, Sarah knew it was an accident. The pain was intense, it lingered for an hour or so then subsided on its own over the afternoon. Later in the day a friend commented "That must have hurt. I know someone who got hit really hard in the breast and ended up with breast cancer."

The girl whose 'jam' was sport, recoiled. Sarah stopped playing lunchtime sports. She began sitting out for most of the game at her weekend football matches, she was happy to 'umpire' instead of play or coach the younger kids. Her confidence was slowly diminishing, her zest and excitement wasn't the same.  

Sarah's family had always been extremely supportive, she had the most delicious relationship with her parents, she told them EVERYTHING. Everything, except what happened on the basketball court. Weeks went by.... "Google what is breast cancer?", months went by "some women with breast cancer can't produce breast milk", "can't feed their babies", "Google what age can you start chemotherapy?"

Sarah was only 12 years old.

I was fortunate to connect to this beautiful soul around 5 months after this incident had happened. She wrote a note and left it in the 'box' that I take to all of my youth workshops. It is a box for anyone to ask a question, share ideas or concerns. An anonymous way for children to share without being in the 'limelight'. Her note said "How do you tell your family that you think you have cancer?"


Josie's Story

Immediately I was taken back several years to the story of a 66 year old woman, Josie, who had breast cancer. She had kept it a secret from her very close family for around 15 years, hoping it would go away, hoping she could fix it herself. Over time the lump in her breast got bigger, harder and more and more tender, Josie stopped wearing certain bras and clothing as it would irritate the area. Over time a wound appeared over her breast, she kept it very clean but it stopped her from swimming, wearing summer dresses, and hugging her grandkids with a 'biq squeeze'- the way they liked it!

The wound grew.....the intimacy with her husband stopped, the wound grew..... new dressings were needed everyday, the wound grew.... creating substantial discomfort. Josie had a loving husband, children and grandchildren who idolised her, she had a love for the outdoors, playing tennis, travelling and sipping wine with friends.

Years passed and now the wound was so large that it engulfed most of her breast. She knew that her body was shutting down and she needed help. It was finally time for her to seek help and tell her family. Josie reached out for medical support but three days later she passed away. The mass had eaten her breast and surrounding tissues, her body was filled with infection and 'riddled' with cancer. 


Our story:

I know that Sarah and Josie's stories are very different. Yet what I felt in the moment when I read "How do you tell your family that you think you have cancer?" was profound.

Every child, every teenager, every young adult, every adult has a story.

The boy who doubted himself and thought he wasn't good enough to follow his passions.

The young adult with social anxiety because they were bullied as a child.

The person who hates their period because they always leaked through their clothes when they bled each month, as their family couldn't afford pads/ tampons. 

The person who numbed their pain by cutting their wrists with a razor. 

The girl who didn't want to have sex but she did because she felt pressure. 

He who couldn't speak and they who didn't feel safe to speak. 


My Story

I was a teenager who had 'good schooling' and a supportive family but I had my own experiences that caused me to shut down. I wasn't connected to my truth, I never had a real understanding of how nature, our bodies, mind, emotions, relationships and our natural cycles work. Surface layers were taught but my creative drive and awareness of who I was as a young woman weren't nurtured.  Like so many of us my path led me on the path to discover many questions and answers!

My journey led me to work as a Paramedic for ten years, witnessing the well-being and health challenges that our society faces on a daily basis. I have worked in schools supporting students of all ages across the Health Sciences and Arts, I saw the disconnect that our youth are experiencing with our current school models. We prioritise academia over values, grades over choice - leaving our kids passions, connection to self and autonomy behind.

I began supporting groups, schools, communities, families and individuals to deepen their understanding of how their body, mind, emotions and energetics work. I found that kids need supportive spaces to explore, ask, lead and grow. Spaces where they can be their authentic selves. This is where the MAGICK happens!!

My passion has now led me to the Amazonian Arts. 

The Amazonian Arts is all about re-membering, re-birthing, re-calling the stories and mythologies that connect us and separate us. After an epic two year journey anchoring the 13 Amazonian Arts warrioresses with the Clan Mothers, Vision Weavers and Journey Women, I am now called to birth the wing for our youth. A call to go deeper with our youth into understanding 'self' through connection with the mysteries of re-wilding.  


It is time to follow the Red Unicorn


Welcome to the birthing of the Youth Village of Magick



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