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Sacred Sounds & Synchronistic Stories

So much rain has fallen the last few days. The sodden forest floor smells of the rich, musty composting deliciousness of Mother Earth and the moss and lichen covering the trees is vibrant in its luminous green rejoicing. I love this forest oasis; a little remnant of Gondwana land that used to cover this planet with its lush beauty in ancient times. 


The Land of Fairy-tales ...

It is like living in a fairy-tale. The pathless woods are populated by wild creatures like dingos, quolls, possums, wallabies, bandicoots, copperhead and tiger snakes, boobook and barking owls, white and black cockatoos, satin bower birds and many more. My totem and favourite of all, is the superb lyrebird who, in this small region only, mimics a flautist who lived here about 120 years ago. 

Lyrebird & Flute

The Realm of the Forest Elves ...

Can you imagine, 13 years ago when I visited for the first time, hearing this ethereal music emanating from the forest? Being a...

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Youth Village of Magick

Welcome to the Amazonian Arts Youth Village of Magick where our personal stories and mythologies will create and shape our destiny.


Sarah's Story

She felt excitement, elation, expansion... ALIVE! 

Everyday at the same time the 'bell' would be heard from inside Sarah's classroom, she would race to the court with a basketball in her hands ready to play. Her friends would join in as adrenaline pumped through her veins, moving fast like a cheetah up and down the court, dribbling the ball, passing it, defending and taking the ultimate three pointer shots. It didn't matter if her team won or lost, Sarah just loved to be with her friends, move her body and play the game.

She loved basketball, she loved soccer, running, surfing, netball, handball, swimming and football.

Sport was her 'jam'.

One day as Sarah went to take her last shot at the hoop one of her friends accidentally collided with her, elbowing her in her chest. Extreme pain in her breast radiated down...

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