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Sacred Sounds & Synchronistic Stories

So much rain has fallen the last few days. The sodden forest floor smells of the rich, musty composting deliciousness of Mother Earth and the moss and lichen covering the trees is vibrant in its luminous green rejoicing. I love this forest oasis; a little remnant of Gondwana land that used to cover this planet with its lush beauty in ancient times. 


The Land of Fairy-tales ...

It is like living in a fairy-tale. The pathless woods are populated by wild creatures like dingos, quolls, possums, wallabies, bandicoots, copperhead and tiger snakes, boobook and barking owls, white and black cockatoos, satin bower birds and many more. My totem and favourite of all, is the superb lyrebird who, in this small region only, mimics a flautist who lived here about 120 years ago. 

Lyrebird & Flute

The Realm of the Forest Elves ...

Can you imagine, 13 years ago when I visited for the first time, hearing this ethereal music emanating from the forest? Being a...

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Messenger Crone

New Beginnings

As we enter the new year so comes the time of deep reflection. Looking back on the past and measuring how far we have come. What decisions we made that rippled into our present moment. This time of year simultaneously projects us into the future with the setting of goals, aspirations and intentions.


The Role of Time in Our Lives

I wonder if it truly is reflecting how tight the grip of time is on our lives. When our minds spend their time swinging endlessly between the past and future. Not to say its a bad thing by any means, reflecting on the past and its stepping stones to our present moments can be extremely enlightening and insightful. Just as planning our next steps are equally as fruitful. But where the greatest treasures lie are here in the present moment as it opens a doorway to the depths of self.


The Inbetwix and Inbetween

As we transition between 2 things, past and future, last year and this one, there is a lure to go so deep within and...

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Water Dragon Mythology

Puff the magic dragon lived by the sea and frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called Hona Lee…     

Peter Yarrow and Lenny Lipton 1963


Dragon myths and legends have been around almost for as long as humankind. Oral histories of dragons with glistening scales fluorescent in colour, to terrifying fire-breathing winged creatures, often identified as dwelling in caves and guarding treasure and slain by knights.

In Greece the word dracon, from which the English word was derived, was used originally for any large serpent (sea serpent) and the dragon mythology, in which ever shape it later assumed, remained essentially a snake. Many Drakaines and Sea Monsters were female and in service to Poseidon.


Norse Mythology

Jormungandr, one of the most iconic mythical sea dragons in European lore, the great serpent of Norse mythology, comprised the most dangerous elements from sea dragons around the world. Jormungandr was said to be so large that he...

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