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Messenger Crone

New Beginnings

As we enter the new year so comes the time of deep reflection. Looking back on the past and measuring how far we have come. What decisions we made that rippled into our present moment. This time of year simultaneously projects us into the future with the setting of goals, aspirations and intentions.


The Role of Time in Our Lives

I wonder if it truly is reflecting how tight the grip of time is on our lives. When our minds spend their time swinging endlessly between the past and future. Not to say its a bad thing by any means, reflecting on the past and its stepping stones to our present moments can be extremely enlightening and insightful. Just as planning our next steps are equally as fruitful. But where the greatest treasures lie are here in the present moment as it opens a doorway to the depths of self.


The Inbetwix and Inbetween

As we transition between 2 things, past and future, last year and this one, there is a lure to go so deep within and connect with something so great the stories we are connected to in the outside world seem to lose their grip and we are lulled into the womb of the divine. This moment calls to regenerate the body, cleanse the mind, create a space that holds and resonates with the essence of who we are but ultimately to get so lost in the higher dimensions that fear, worry and doubt feel like too small a container to reside in and therefore become obsolete. From this place we see our future with an open heart. We view our past with love and gratitude. We are so high on the ecstasy of the divine, nothing so limiting as fear could possibly trouble us. We wonder why we are called to cleanse our bodies, minds and homes and see that it is all just to prepare for the birth of our new selves.


The Messenger Grandmother

On the topic of going within I feel to share some of my journey that unfolds with the Messenger Crone. She has been teaching not what words to say but the silent space that happens just outside of them. To pay attention to the entirely different conversation happening in the Aether simultaneously. An example is when conversing with someone whom on the surface is speaking words of anger and animosity. Messenger Crone shares to listen more intently to the other stories being told. To the ones that are saying "I'm really hurting right now because of an event that happened when I was a child" or "I'm really actually terrified of losing you". When these stories are brought to the forefront and the verbal words in the physical space fade into the background, empathy happens. Love happens. A softening happens which then in turn creates an open space for more divine love to flow. By turning up the volume on the other messages that are coming in through the language we can tap into this resource of softness. She teaches us the in between spaces. So in this in between space of old and new, may you also find the river of everflowing bliss within you.



Messenger Clan Mother

Nioda Whitefeather

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