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Sacred Sounds & Synchronistic Stories

So much rain has fallen the last few days. The sodden forest floor smells of the rich, musty composting deliciousness of Mother Earth and the moss and lichen covering the trees is vibrant in its luminous green rejoicing. I love this forest oasis; a little remnant of Gondwana land that used to cover this planet with its lush beauty in ancient times. 


The Land of Fairy-tales ...

It is like living in a fairy-tale. The pathless woods are populated by wild creatures like dingos, quolls, possums, wallabies, bandicoots, copperhead and tiger snakes, boobook and barking owls, white and black cockatoos, satin bower birds and many more. My totem and favourite of all, is the superb lyrebird who, in this small region only, mimics a flautist who lived here about 120 years ago. 

Lyrebird & Flute

The Realm of the Forest Elves ...

Can you imagine, 13 years ago when I visited for the first time, hearing this ethereal music emanating from the forest? Being a flautist myself, I was totally enchanted. Not only that, the name of the forest cottage was ‘Lothlorien’, which is the realm of the forest elves in the Lord of the Rings, and with my birth name being Elvina (meaning little elf), it was like I had been called back home. 


Synchronicity ...

It all felt so magickal. Many of us have experienced moments like this in our life, where the stars align and synchronicity guides us to be in exactly the right place at the right time. It is a wonderful feeling, pure magick actually, but it is still our own choice as to whether we follow these ‘signs and omens’ or expressed another way, to follow that feeling of pure joy inside that always accompanies such grace filled moments. It was exactly that kind of intuitive nudge that made me join the Amazonian Arts, despite the protestations of my mind telling me I was too busy.

I am SO glad I listened, as the shamanic journey that my Warrioress sisters and I have embarked upon has been truly life changing. The instances of magickal moments and synchronistic events in my life has increased exponentially. Is it because they were always there but now I have the eyes to see, or is it that my conscious choice to walk this path has allowed the invisible realms to connect with me? Whatever the truth, my heart and soul is filled to bursting with gratitude. 

Elvina Munir

Clan Mother for the Alchemist

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