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Who is the most powerful person you know?

I know that my answer to this question has constantly evolved through the various aspects and ages of my life. Different celebrities, activists, entrepreneurs, healers, teachers, family members and friends have all held the 'mantle' for being powerful and strong influencers in my life. As I reflect on this question at this point in time my answer is somewhat different.


Who is the most powerful person I know?

Without any hesitation or doubt..... Me! Last month we called in the Grandmother of the Warrior Queen Lineage and anchored this powerful Warrioress. At this gathering I chose to step onto my Warrior Queen path of Self-Sovereignty, releasing the stories and the wounding of times in my life where I wasn't in my power. The physical, emotional, mental and energetic releases that have taken place since have been profound, but what has been ecstatically surprising is a deep acknowledgment of all the interactions and experiences where I have been in my power. Wow! These imprints have allowed me to remember how INSANELY powerful I am, and that the Warrior Queen is here to ensure we all step into our truth, as our own leader! 


My Middle East Travels...

My entire life I have always experienced extreme pain and wild symptoms as I bled each moon cycle. In 2010 I travelled to the Middle East and it was this trip that opened me up to the expansiveness of my womb. I had many engagements on my travels where I was suppressed because 'I was a woman'.

I was unable to buy a bottle of water because I wasn't accompanied by a man, I could only swim in the public pool from 10-11am because of my gender, I wasn't respected as a Paramedic (my occupation at the time) because my 'brain does not function the same as male brains', my money had no value, my perspective wasn't to be shared and my eyes definitely weren't allowed to freely take in the places around me.

My behaviour and interactions were watched. I was 'less then', yet somehow I felt the most liberated I have ever felt in my life. It was never a case of 'gender hierarchy' for me, it was a feeling of true appreciation and honouring of myself. I had never felt so proud to be a woman, I had never felt more honoured to have grown up in with the freedoms that I have had.


The Shift

Something powerful shifted inside me. I was able to walk the streets with my eyes peering down, my body covered in cloth in a suppressed society feeling beautiful, inspired and strong. No-one needed to give me my strength, I had to claim it myself. That month was the first time in my life that I experienced a pain-free, luscious and expansive moon cycle.

Upon returning home to Australia I was looking forward to experiencing a pain-free bleed the following month, yet only disappointment arose when I found myself curled up in a ball with excruciating pain for several days. Month after month I searched for the 'power' that I felt in Jordan but I was unable to manifest the same experience. 

Lots of layers have impacted my moon cycle; cysts, hormonal imbalances, toxic experiences, ancestral wounding, society stigmas, past life experiences, lifestyle choices. Twelve years on, in 2022, my periods have visited every corner since travelling to the Middle East; magickal, horrid, expansive, gentle, chaotic and something that felt like 'death'.

I see that the world had for a moment in time reflected to me my own strength, what I am capable of feeling and being in every facet. Acknowledging the power of the highs, the depths, chaos, and stillness.


The Commitment

My ongoing commitment is to remember my own power and to honour this in my relationships, transpersonal work, my craft, motherhood, and the way I connect to the womb/seed consciousness. Whether it be my shadows and vulnerability rising to be seen or my strengths and beauty rising to be acknowledged, I admire all of this power inside of me.

An evolving life path that is mind-blowing to witness within myself and within you!

I see your power!

I see you!


Brony Marshall

Warrior Queen Clan Mother

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