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When Mother Nature Speaks

Ocean Visit ...

I have just spent time camping on Gunditjmara country at Port Fairy in Victoria. It was cold, it was wet and it was very windy. And Mother Nature was beautiful. I spent time on the beach watching the ocean being picked up and rolled by the wind. It felt like she was singing to me, telling me a story that was uniquely mine. I watched as the ocean formed waves of white foam and could see glimpses of crystal blue waters through the beautiful curve of each wave. There was a majesty and fierceness in the way the waves crashed into the water and a contrasting gentleness as the water breathed in and out of the rock pools. ‘You can be fierce. You can be gentle. And in all states, you are beautiful’ she sang to me. And I knew it to be true. There was a knowing of such depth that the Mother was indeed speaking to me through the wind and the water.


Deep Listening 

Moments like these are not foreign to me. I live...

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The Cosmic Dance of Light & Dark

Into the Dark

Last night I walked down to the river. It was one of the darkest nights, approaching New Moon and clouds misting the starlight to a very faint diffuse glow. Bio-luminescent mushrooms making themselves known with their yellowish blue light, evoking the feel of spirits holding space, guarding the dark creative spaces. Arriving at the river bank, I turn off my head torch, let my eyes adjust to the darkness, taking a few deep breaths, connecting with the dark lunar energy above and the magnetic creative womb of the earth. I call in the elements.

Water... flow, tidal rhythms, sometimes flowing around obstacles, sometimes tearing them away,  fertile swelling, flowing towards something bigger than us, following intuition and instinct.

Air... light cool breeze, spaciousness to allow love to blossom and healthy boundaries to grow strong, discernment and vision, deep listening to the whispers of my allies and my whole and healed ancestors.

Earth... aahhh,...

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